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  1. I had to have a mammogram (+ ultrasound) last week due to my GP finding a lump in one of my breasts. I have never had a mammogram before and the medical staff could not have been nicer about the situation. They were so compassionate. I did have to sign a paper about agreeing to the very small chance my implants could rupture due to the mammogram. But I have silicone so I wasn't too worried. Plus I have some amazing women around me who needed to have their breasts checked for their lumps and they both had aggressive cancer leading to mastectomies. So I didn't want to muck around with it. RE rupture, if I thought that I would probably go for ultrasound as my first go to.
  2. My surgeon has said I am a small C cup. I didn't want to go too big as I have a small frame and am unfortunately not curvy. I am happy with my sizing.
  3. I got 270cc high profile. That took me from a 10AA cup to a 10C cup. I got my implants at the age of 39...…….you have youth on your side with being 20 years old and healing more quickly. I have had my implants now for nearly 5 years and have no regrets.
  4. Did you get over the muscle? That is supposed to be a quicker and easier healing process than under the muscle which is what I had. I am a gym junkie + work as a domestic cleaner but even I found the healing process difficult. But I also find my body does not cope with anaesthesia so that would be an added factor in the healing too. As you say, every one is different with how their body copes with surgery + the healing process. It's great you are feeling so good!
  5. Your body is doing a lot of healing. I went back to work after having 2 weeks off, and that first week back at work really knocked me around. I didn't touch alcohol for a few weeks mainly because I wasn't craving it. At the moment, my advice to you is to make the best and healthiest choices to give your body a chance to heal. Maybe leave the alcohol and drugs for another month? Or as you said leave it for a couple of weeks but maybe go lightly with it first?
  6. This may sound forward...….but I think it is time to be an adult and tell her. If she judges you, then that is on her. But I think she would more than likely support you on your journey. In my thinking if you continue to keep things under wraps and not be open with her about it, the issue will eat away at you. You're better off getting it out in the open and let the dust settle where it may,
  7. I've taped the first episode but haven't had a chance to watch it. I'll have to wait until the kids go back to school next week! Lol!
  8. I have 2 daughters - one is a preteen and the other is a teenager. They both know I have fake boobs which I have now had for nearly 5 years. Very occasionally will they bring it up. When the conversation arises, I tell them that as they get older they will have lots of decisions to make for themselves. I do let them know that fake boobs are a commitment as the implants do not last a lifetime so it is a decision to not make lightly. They also know I got the implants because I was flat prior to kids and flatter after breastfeeding 3 children. I have been open with my kids and answer any questions that continue to come up. But nor do I make a big deal out of having fake boobs, if you know what I mean. x
  9. I have the same implants. At this stage I have no symptoms of pain etc. I am just going to keep an eye on things. I am really sorry to hear of what you are going through. All the best with the results of your ultrasound and your revision surgery. x
  10. I also have the Silimed implant and have had these coming up to 5 years. I guess all I can do is keep a close eye on my health and go to my GP if concerned.
  11. Can anyone recommend some well priced and great eye creams for wrinkles + anti-aging?
  12. So could it be to do with the thyroid you mentioned?
  13. Anyone see the Sunday Night piece last night done on this doctor? Those poor women disfigured and traumatised by what he has done. Plus the plastic surgeon who said he has had 30 to 40 women come to him from this doctor needing to have revisions from their botched surgeries.
  14. Sorry to hear this. It's good though you have an answer for the pain. Keep us updated. x
  15. I agree - contact your surgeon for advice.
  16. That is awesome! Good on you for all of your hard work. x
  17. I have teardrops for 4.5 years done by a different surgeon. I have had no problems and I also followed everything my surgeon said eg I am never allowed again to do chin ups to ensure I don't rip the pocket. I still do chest exercises at the gym but I don't do heavy weights for them. It took a year for them to drop and fluff. I could not get rounds due to having a bony chest + having hardly any breast tissue to begin with. I was a 10AA and now a 10C. I got 270cc under the muscle.
  18. That's wonderful! There is nothing like feeling good again from the inside out.
  19. Just to play the Devil's advocate...……….what do you really think is going on underneath with your decision to have another revision and to go back to the original size you had? Is it really about the sizing? From what you are writing, you weren't happy at 350 and now you are not happy at 275. But you may be happy at 350? I suspect you won't be happy at 350 again. Are you putting pressure on yourself to be "perfect"? Maybe you are already perfect and amazing and sexy and strong and courageous. x
  20. You are very young so I assume you don't want children for quite a while yet. If having a BA is something you strongly want, then perhaps go for a few consults with plastic surgeons to gain an idea of cost etc. Also after having children, your body as well as breasts change a lot...…...so you would have to be prepared for a possible revision down the track. In saying that, implants are not a lifetime device. So if you get them in your early twenties, you may be up for quite a few revisions over the course of your lifetime. I got my implants at 39 years of age after having all of my kids. If a BA is your dream and you are aware of all of the pros and cons that come with it, then go for it.
  21. My advice would be to go for a few consults with different plastic surgeons. Please don't think that a cheap "competitive" price will give you great boobs. A plastic surgeon has experience + medical knowledge to give you a good result. I did go through a cosmetic surgeon years ago with my BA - he is retired now. He did a wonderful job and I am not unhappy at all. But whenever I need to upgrade, I would definitely be seeing a plastic surgeon. Good luck with it all.
  22. I know that you are looking for advice about surgery. But also don't forget that anything to do with the body is 80% nutrition. A healthy clean diet suited to your body and your body's needs would be a strong foundation in getting back to "you". It would also help to kickstart your metabolism. A good PT who has rehab experience would be a great asset too. Also getting a indepth blood test done to check thyroid, iron, cortisol levels etc may help to see if there are other indicators contributing to the weight gain. I personally always see surgery as a last resort...…. but that is probably due to my body not coping with surgery. Lastly, be kind to yourself and just take each day as it comes. There are always ladies on the forum here to listen to you if you just need someone to talk to. x
  23. Congratulations - you made it through! Your boobs look great.
  24. Wishing you all the best for your surgery. Hope all goes well and that you heal quickly.
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