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  1. @donatella and @misstons have larger implants. They would be able to guide you further. Good luck with it all.
  2. Oh @rockmelonmammaI remember you talking about your initial surgery years ago. I am really sorry to hear about your boobs. Keep us posted with how you go. x
  3. @vlinder would be the best person to advise you on this as she has had fat grafting done.
  4. Yeah I definitely agree - see a few plastic surgeons for consults. I didn't realise Dr. Chinsee was a cosmetic surgeon.
  5. I am sorry to hear of the journey you have been through with your breasts. RE size, I guess it is down to personal choice. You have been a small C cup in the past with your prior implants. So you know what that size feels like + looks like on your frame. If you were happy being a C cup, then go with the sizing Dr. Chinsee has suggested. Or if bigger boobs are what you want, I would go bigger. Keep us posted with how you go.
  6. It took a while for my mind to accept my new boobs. I was really flat chested prior to my BA. I went from a 10AA to a 10C cup. I also found it was a bit of an emotional journey too with accepting this new part of my body. I found by the 4th month mark I began to feel my boobs were a part of me. I am now 4 years post op and I could not imagine going back to being flat chested. My advice would be to just give things time - the body is healing and the mind is accepting the new you. x
  7. They don't feel harder when I lie on my back. Initially they did during the healing process but by 4 months post op they were softening. They separate a bit more like natural boobs when I am lying down.
  8. Cheaper is not necessarily better. I would advise you to go to a few consults with surgeons and see what they recommend for you and your body shape. Most surgeons will charge for their consults but it is well worth doing this to ensure you get a good result. I did go to a well known cosmetic surgeon (Dr. Kim Harwood - he has retired now) but I was a straight forward case with my BA. Whenever I upgrade with my implants, I would go for a plastic surgeon. Dr. Harwood did a great job and I am very happy. But I think a plastic surgeon would be able to do more with my natural gap.
  9. It does take time for the implants to soften. I have unders so it did take longer than say overs to not be so tight and hard feeling. It took my hubby quite a few months to play with my boobs. He said his main worry was that he might hurt me. But I also suspected that it was because my boobs were fake and still hard. I am now 4 years post op and my boobs have softened heaps. They will never be like real boobs because they are fake. They are firm as the ladies are saying above, but my hubby loves them. I agree with the ladies in saying to ask your husband as to why he is refraining from touching or playing with your boobs. Maybe he is waiting for you to heal a little more but soft touching from him may give you both the confidence to know that your boobs won't "break".
  10. You are really best to ask your PS these questions to be honest. I have just followed the advice of my surgeon especially as he was so strong about what to avoid. x
  11. That's exciting! Are you going to go with the same implant and shape? I haven't had a revision. Let us know how you go. x
  12. You didn't offend at all. All good.
  13. My surgeon was emphatic about me not doing chin ups ever again. He said I could damage the pocket if I did. I also refrain from doing too many chest exercises for the reason of separation. I have a natural gap so I definitely do not want to add to that. I no longer go very heavy with my upper body workout like I used to prior to my BA.
  14. Oh sorry - I am preaching to the choir! You know your stuff as a PT. You would need strong obliques for your classes - that is a tough one. If you discover anything legit with the waist, please let me know. I have a boyish figure so I am always trying to build my glutes up + tone the torso area.
  15. Re gym work, maybe you are not working out the right way...…….most women are really scared of weights as they think they will suddenly look like The Hulk. But doing weight workouts can definitely help to really tone up the body and helping to give you a more defined shape. I am in my 40's so the perimenopause symptoms are slowly beginning for me. I have also battled endometriosis. I have had 3 kids. I found by the age of 36 years, I began to put on a little bit of belly weight despite working out heaps at the gym. But by changing my diet + working out differently, I have found I can sculpt my shape a lot more. I now have a flat tummy and sculpted waist. You do have to be realistic about your natural body shape...…...but a good and informed PT can help you to reach your goals. I have also found having a fat metaboliser powder and using a hydroxy shred protein powder has helped me immensely. I know your original question was about the waist trainer...….but I sincerely believe that really good nutrition...…..some supplements like fat metaboliser powders...…..and working out a certain way at the gym...…..and doing HIIT (high intensity interval training) would allow you to see a huge difference in your body.
  16. I found by 9 months post op my boobs finally had some jiggle and were softening. I then noticed another change at 18 months post op. I am now 4 years post op and they are more squishy. But they will never be like natural boobs...…..cos they are fake. They are still firmer than natural boobs...…….but my husband never complains about them.
  17. Do you do much gym work and upper body work with weights? If you are, you may have to ease off as lots of chest work at the gym can add to the separation.
  18. I had nice tracksuit pants and a top that could be unbuttoned + a light jumper as I feel the cold.
  19. I am sure there must be ladies on this forum who have also experienced this. Hopefully you will get some good advice on here from them. That is exciting your surgery is booked for December. Good luck with it all and keep us updated.
  20. I haven't needed a lift...…….but it did take me a long time to get to the stage of having the confidence to go through with surgery and knowing that decision was right for me. I had my BA at age 39 years old after being flat chested all of my life (except for when I breastfed my 3 kids). My advice would be to research the surgery, see a few plastic surgeons for consults and see how you feel after that. This is your body and with plastic or cosmetic surgery, you need to be sure in your decision. With anything there is risk. But to lower the risk of disappointment, it is a good idea to take your time...…...visit some surgeons...….and then go from there. Sidenote - I am now 4 years post op and I have no regrets with getting a BA done. My confidence within myself has increased so much.
  21. No one can tell you whether surgery is right for you. Only you can truly answer that. But before making that decision, you need professional advice to see what all of your options are first. I would advise you to see a few plastic surgeons to see what they recommend. You do have to pay for consults but it is an investment in the right direction if you do decide on surgery. Good luck with it all.
  22. People come and go on this forum. I have found it an informative and supportive place here. But I don't comment on every post as most things do not apply to me.
  23. Unfortunately for me, I didn't have the option for overs due to a small amount of breast tissue + a bony chest. I would say that the ladies with overs would have much more breast tissue to work with hence the bigger look on them if that makes sense.
  24. There are a few ladies on here who have had 2 to 3 BA's to get to their desired size. Hopefully they are able to give you some advice.
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