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  1. I think you should be fine. The first 2 weeks are the hardest. But if you are concerned, definitely contact your surgeon's office.
  2. I agree with the ^^. Great advice there. What I did initially before I went to any consults was to trawl through the internet and have a look at ladies who have had BA's done. For me personally, I found the natural look was really important to me. I knew in my mind I wanted to end up as a C cup (I started out as a 10AA cup). Then over a period of 6 years, I went to consults with 3 different surgeons - 2 were plastic surgeons and 1 was a cosmetic surgeon). They all gave me insight as to what was best for me and gave me lots of food for thought. I did end up going with the cosmetic surgeon but I was a straight forward case (I didn't have tuberous breasts or needed a lift etc). This surgeon was highly regarded in the industry but he has now retired. If I were to ever do a revision I would go with a plastic surgeon to help close my natural gap a little. My advice is to keep researching.....have a few consults (yes you do have to pay for those)……try on sizers....and don't rush into this major decision. It is your body and you will be investing lots of $$ into it, so you want to get it right. Good luck with it all.
  3. You will knock it out of the park Vlinder. I have a good feeling about this. Best of luck to you. x
  4. It sounds like you have heaps of breast tissue to work with if you are already a D cup. Apparently if you have lots of breast tissue, your implants should look more natural. I started off as a 10AA cup and after 270cc, I ended up as a 10C cup. I agree with Wanting Boobs - you will probably end up with an E cup.
  5. Wow what a journey for you. But it looks like it has been worth it all. Your new boobs are already looking great. Hope you continue to heal smoothly....and quickly! Take care and keep resting as much as possible. x
  6. Yeah my boobs can be cold when the rest of my body is warm. But I am finding that is getting better after nearly 4 years post op.
  7. I am not a skin expert. But one thing that comes to mind is hydration and nutrition. Do you drink enough water during the day? Is your diet healthy? Also are you using the right creams suitable for your particular skin? I am in my 40's and I have naturally dry skin. But I try to have a diet that is free from a lot of processed foods particularly sugars. I also don't have much alcohol. I have to layer my creams on my face morning and night to help hydrate the top layer of the skin. Another thought - how do you sleep? Are you a tummy sleeper? This may affect wrinkles on the face and neck. You may have to invest in a silk or satin pillow case. Just my thoughts.
  8. It is still early days and you are in the healing process. A little bit of asymmetrical is normal in nature and also in our bodies. Your boobs look great.
  9. I find I sweat in between my boobs now.....Summer is fun..not!
  10. The first 5 days will be the hardest. You will definitely need help during this time. Plus you can't drive a car after anaesthetic or taking strong pain killers. On day 3 I stopped the strong pain killers as hubby had to go back to work. But on day 5 I was able to drive the kids down to the local park which is 5 minutes away. After an hour or so at the park, I was ready to go home. I took 2 weeks off for my recovery and I am a domestic cleaner. The first week back was hard but by week 4 post op I was fine.
  11. I have Silimed implants and my surgeon was also Dr. Harwood. At this stage, everything is fine with me in relation to the implants. But it is good to be forearmed with any information.
  12. Have you seen a dermatologist?
  13. My opinion would be to go and see a physio or PT who could give you particular exercises in relation to helping these ligaments. Also remembering that the skin is our biggest organ, I would also look at your nutrition to help with skin elasticity.
  14. Day 3 to day 5 post op is when most ladies feel like crap because of the swelling, pain, lack of sleep and everything re-settling in the body. Also it is pretty normal to question the decision of cc's etc. It is similar to the baby blues after giving birth. As a few ladies have said above, if you want to go bigger 50cc will not show much difference to what you have now. It is really hard before surgery to imagine what the new breasts will look like and how we will feel about them after surgery. But at least you have options if you do decide after the D and F process that you wish to go bigger. I just want to add that I think your new boobs look great. I hope you continue to keep healing well.
  15. I bought my 0.2mm from Brazilian Beauty and the beauty salon assistant showed me how to use it. I only use that once a week at night. Then about 6 months later, I bought a 0.5mm which I only use monthly. I personally wouldn't buy any larger needled dermal rollers as you probably need a numbing cream before use + you could wreck your skin. With either size dermal roller, my skin does go red, warm and can get itchy. But then I use the Retinol A cream and my other creams after the dermal roller treatment. The skin looks like it has been sunburnt but it does subside. I have been using some of The Ordinary products (one of which is the Retinol A cream) and they are quite cheap. You can get them from the larger Priceline stores. With the Retinol A cream, it is good to start off with the less powerful creams. I started off with 0.25% Retinol A..........after a few months I went on to the 0.5%.........then 1%..........and now I am on 2%. The less powerful creams I bought off Ebay.
  16. I have been doing the dermal rolling at home over the past year and I have noticed a big difference in my neck. I also use Retinol A cream.
  17. Let us know how you go with the surgeon. x
  18. Just about everything for me was fine with clothes....bearing in mind I was going from a 10AA to a 10C. Things just fitted better. I think from memory that I only had a few tops that were way too tight for my new boobs.
  19. Glad to hear everything went well. Rest up and heal.
  20. The first few weeks I had to sleep on my back. I think by the 3rd to 4th week I was able to sleep on my side but with a pillow tucked under me.
  21. @vlinder has had a fat transfer from memory. Hopefully she can give you some advice.
  22. That is exciting with booking your surgery! I am a fitness junkie. What I did was made an exercise plan with my surgeon prior to the surgery eg only walking in the first 2 - 3 weeks; no ab work/no leg work during that time etc. This helped me with the mental battle of not doing any or much physical movement. By the 4th week post op, I was back at the gym...........but I could only use very light weights. Then I slowly built myself up with weights with each passing week. My surgeon was emphatic that I never do chin ups again as I could damage what he has done in my chest area. So I have stuck to that. I can do push ups. I don't do very heavy weights with my chest area as I don't want my implants to be further apart with built up chest muscles. I already have a natural gap there. I was allowed to do jogging from 3 weeks post op as long as I wore 2 sports bras to protect my boobs. I do have anatomicals and under the muscle so this area was pretty tight and sore after surgery. But I was back at work after having 2 weeks off. I am a domestic cleaner. The first week back I was very sore and tired. But by the 4th week post op, my energy was returning. Hope that kind of helps.
  23. Yeah I have found this difficult too with strapless bras. I bought a Bras'n'Things strapless bra in a 8D and even though that is my size, I found it really uncomfortable. I then bought a 10C strapless bra from Big W and same thing.........really uncomfortable. So about a month ago, I bought a 10B strapless bra from Kmart and even though the cup part is a bit small for my boobs, it is the most comfortable one I have worn.
  24. Oh that is awesome you are feeling better. That is great the grandparents will hold your baby and let you rest. Have a good weekend.
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