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  1. How are you feeling today, Zoey23?
  2. It is hard when you have littlies. As the other ladies said above, try to not lift your 17 month old too much. Put a towel on the floor and change his nappy there. If the pain becomes excruciating, definitely call your surgeon. But I think you probably have just over done things.
  3. All those "fun" aches and pains after surgery! As you said, as long as you are not in excruciating pain, having a fever or vomiting etc, it probably is just your torso resettling after being pushed and prodded for your BA. I got the nerve regeneration pain (aka zingers!) up to 4 months post op. Things settled after that. But then it happened around the 9 month mark post op for a while. Definitely mention to your surgeon today about the pain. Hope your healing continues to go well. x
  4. If you are having major doubts, I would call your surgeon ASAP and cancel the surgery even if you have to pay a cancellation fee. Never make a major decision unless you are very sure about it. The surgeon would have to order in your particular implants so to just change your mind right before surgery is not a good idea. It sounds like you do need another consult to make sure you are happy with the size chosen............and to determine whether this surgeon is the right one for you. You should not have to rush such a major decision especially when it is concerning your body. You want to be happy with the outcome.
  5. Early days but they look great. Lots of swelling and bruising but over the next few weeks this will subside. The D & F process can take up to a year. You will find each week to two weeks that they will change. Keep us posted!
  6. Yes the bloating and pain from the gas to puff up your torso area is not a pleasant sensation. I have had this before also from laparoscopic surgeries. Peppermint tea, heat packs + the painkillers given to you by your surgeon should help to ease things a bit. It takes a few days for the bloating to subside. Don't worry - you will not be like this forever. Also you may find between day 3 and day 5, you feel a bit down and may even question why the hell you got the surgery in the first place. This is normal. With sleep deprivation from the pain, feeling uncomfortable and your body processing the anaesthetic, things can feel like they get on top of you. But again, you won't feel like this forever. By day 7, you should start to feel human again. Just write the first 7 days off and don't put too much expectation on yourself. Your job is to just rest and heal. This forum is great for lots of support. So if you feel like crap and need a vent, don't be afraid to do so. We have all been in your place before. x
  7. Everyone's body heals differently and not everyone reacts the same way to anaesthetic. Just concentrate on your healing and getting heaps of rest. Keep up the painkillers too as that will make you feel more comfortable. I am glad to hear your operation went well.
  8. He may have decided that the 345cc is the largest cc he can go for your anatomy. Some ladies do have multiple surgeries to get to their desired size. But on the other hand, your surgeon sounds like he is confident in the size chosen for your frame. Good luck for your surgery today. I am sure it will all work out and that you will look fantastic. Keep us posted. x
  9. I found the most D & F was between 4 to 9 months post op. Then I saw a small change again at the 18 month mark. I am nearly 4 years post op. The D & F process can take up to a year. But if you have any concerns, definitely go and see your surgeon.
  10. Definitely go for at least consults with 3 different surgeons to get a good, solid opinion about what suits your body frame. I would suggest to do a lot of research + ask questions here on this forum. Good luck with it all.
  11. I am similar stats - 165cm tall, 55kg and a size 6. I started as a 10AA cup. I got 270cc under the muscle and teardrop implants. I am now a 10C cup. If your surgeon has said that the most cc's he can fit in is 280cc, you may have to consider you may be looking at further surgeries to eventually get to the size you want.
  12. I have textured anatomicals. I wanted a natural look as I was flat chested with a small frame. I felt larger implants would make me look top heavy and I wanted implants that would suit my body. The surgeon agreed with the kind of implant I wanted particularly as I didn't have much breast tissue to start off with. I am happy with my results. If you are unsure which implant to go for, I would keep researching + have more consults with the surgeon of your choice.
  13. I did it for me. My self confidence was low due to the journey I have taken in childhood. And I was very flat chested before having kids. My husband never made me feel less than a woman. But I never felt feminine with A cup boobs. After 3 kids and breast feeding them all, I was flatter than flat. So I began my research into having a BA. It was not a snap decision and it took me 6 years to finally go ahead with surgery. I am nearly 4 years post op and I don't regret my decision. I feel much more confident and happy within myself.
  14. I took on board people's reviews. But I also listened to my gut instinct once I had a consult with my chosen surgeon. I also did a lot of research prior on deciding whether to have a BA or not.
  15. I found by 9 months post op that I could jiggle my boobs a bit if I jumped up and down. It just takes time for things to soften.
  16. I have the same implants. The answer for me is yes - the shape changed over a year as per the surgeon said it would. I am now nearly 4 years post op. At this stage for you, there is a lot of swelling and the D & F process will take up to a year. You just have to let the body heal and follow what your surgeon has said.
  17. You would have to see how long the waiting periods are for that.
  18. Kittykat74, it just takes time for the D & F process. It can take up to 12 months. You may find times where you suddenly feel tired and sore. Those are the times to take it easy and just rest for a bit. I am nearly 4 years post op.
  19. At age 16, you are still growing into your face. I totally understand that you don't like aspects of your face as I remember feeling like this at your age. I would suggest seeing a professional make up artist and getting them to teach you how to contour your cheeks with make up. Try not to be too critical of your looks - what you feel is a flaw may be something really beautiful that someone is attracted to. x
  20. I was going to say the same. Go slow and modify the plank exercises until you get stronger.
  21. Nerve regeneration pain? Just keep an eye on things and if the pain returns, go and see your surgeon to just check your breasts.
  22. The last thing you want is to get an infection through your incisions. Better to play it safe. You would be able to have a bath but without immersing your top half of your body.
  23. I agree.............I think your boobs look great! Plus you are still going through the D & F process which can take up to a year. x
  24. Go to the chemist and ask for special strips to place on the skin for scarring. I know some ladies on the forum have used them successfully. Sorry I can't remember the name of the strips.
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