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  1. Dr. Harwood was fantastic and listened to everything I said. He also took on board my body type, how active I am re gym and the fact I wanted to look natural. I know he does BA but not sure about BL. His staff were just lovely. I had my surgery on this Monday 22nd Sept. I would definitely recommend him. Hope this helps.
  2. Yes I had my BA done in Brisbane with Dr. Harwood. My torso/belly area is swollen when it is usually flat. I am just trying to listen to my body. I wasn't hungry the first few days but yesterday I really needed to eat and I craved sugar so I had a bit of chocolate. But today I am not very hungry again. I am trying to have some fruit. I also bought coconut water and mixing it half and half with guava juice which is nice. The body is in healing mode so try to be patient. I know it is hard but you will get through this time. Your body has been through a lot. Try to go back to basics for food to help it heal...........meaning try to avoid processed foods if possible. You will feel better soon.
  3. This is all good advice. I am a gym junkie and got my BA done on Monday 22nd Sept. I have been sensible and done no exercise this week. My poor body is just stuffed from the procedure/meds. But, I want to start walking maybe for 20 minutes and see how that goes. Dr. Harwood said no gym work aka weights until 6 week mark. But, I figure as I get my strength back I can use the cardio machines e.g. treadmill, bike etc. Like a lot of you said, it is just listening to the body. I have to be patient and let my body heal first. Just a bit frustrating!
  4. Thank you for that. I think he gave me valium because the implant was put under the muscle and it was to help with muscle spasms. I have been feeling very woozy which I don't like the feeling of. But like you said Cupcake85, I should be sensible and if the pain at night is getting to me then to take the painkillers regularly. Thank you so much for replying.
  5. Dr. Harwood did my BA on Monday 22nd Sept. I have a small frame and am bony up top and can see my upper rib cage. I am 165cm and 56 kg. He suggested to go teardrop shape under the muscle because after breastfeeding 3 kids and I was AA cup, rounds would not suit my body frame and also my skin is too thin there. I know it is day 5 but so far I am happy with my new "girls". I went with 270mL teardrop nuance implants. At the end of the day, you have to feel comfortable with what you are getting as it is your body. But the flip side too is you want to gain as much professional advice as possible before making such a huge and also important life decision.
  6. I got my BA on Monday 22nd Sept and my torso has been so sore. Last night I noticed my lower left part of my belly like jelly and I knew it was a part of the swelling. I have been having to urinate a bit more so I presume my body is getting rid of the extra fluid if that makes sense. Can't wait until everything is normal again!
  7. Hi! I had my BA with Dr. Harwood on Monday 22nd Sept. He and his staff were just wonderful and set me at ease. Dr. Harwood decided to not put in 310mL teardrop nuance implants due to my size. I have a small frame plus am bit of a gym junkie. I had also lost a kg from when I saw him in the consultation in Feb 2014 to this week. Not a lot to lose but on my frame I guess he felt it counted. So he guided me towards the 270mL which I am happy with. I took the day and night time painkillers for the first 3 days plus the valium. But now just taking one lot of night time painkillers before I go to bed. I have been feeling very tired, pale and woozy all week. Sleeping lots! But, I am wondering should I still take the valium to help with the muscle spasms? When did you all stop using the valium? My breasts feel so tight and I have still been wearing the post op bra plus the strap across. I hardly have any bruising which is good. Just night time is a bit painful when I change sleep position. Any advice is appreciated. Thank you.
  8. Wishing you all the best on your new journey!
  9. Thank you so much ladies. This really helps me. I will definitely go check out Target and David Jones. Just wrapping my head around the fact I am going to actually have boobs soon for once in my life!
  10. Hi, I just need some help. I am booked in for a BA with Dr. Harwood on 22nd Sept 2014. I am getting very excited but of course a little bit nervous too! I am VERY flat - less than an A cup - hence the BA! I want to buy some crop top bras for after the surgery but I don't know what size to buy. I am getting the Brazilian nuance teardrop implants and they will be a small C cup size (I only have a small frame so I didn't want to go too big). Any help is much appreciated. Thank you.
  11. I guess like anything new in our lives it will take time to adjust - like having a baby and the bodily changes that go along with that. Just today I was thinking "gosh, how am I going to go at the gym?" because I am a bit of a gym junkie. But, in saying that Dr. Harwood did take that into account in my consult. It's all going to be a learning curve!
  12. Gosh, you have been through so much. My heart really goes out to you. You sound like a very brave and courageous lady. Perhaps think of taking your story to a high profile newspaper or a media show like Sixty Minutes. You probably don't feel like this, but if one lady reads your story and decides against using this particular surgeon then you have saved a life. Sending prayers your way. X
  13. So sorry to hear of everything you have gone through. It is horrible to hear there are predators out there happily taking people's money and leaving them in physical and emotional pain. What a totally unprofessional and cold response from the head of plastic surgery. You should report him. I will send prayers for you. We are all thinking of you here. X
  14. For the ladies who were very flat chested before their BA, how did you cope going from being very small to suddenly to a C or D cup? I am an A cup and just trying to wrap my head around having a larger bust. How long did it take to adjust? I am excited but also nervous about the change.
  15. So sorry to hear of the challenge of having endometriosis. That is incredibly tough. My heart goes out to you. My Mum had it pretty bad after she had my sister and I. She had to have a laparoscopy three times over a ten year period to remove the endometriosis. In the end, because her case was so bad, the specialist strongly suggested a hysterectomy but to leave her ovaries in. She had that done at the age of 40 - that was 18 years ago. I remember my Mum telling my sister and I to realise that doctors are not God, because she saw many doctors/gynos before someone believed her re the heavy periods and bad pain. The other doctors told her it was in her head. In the end, she found a great gyno who took her case on and helped her immensely. He would be retired now. Keep researching as the medical community are always finding new techniques and information. But, above all listen to your intuition - I think you will be guided in the right direction if you do that. Take care of you!
  16. That is great to hear another lady is happy with Dr Harwood. Your profile pic looks great and also natural.
  17. I had my consult today with Dr. Kim Harwood. I brought my very close girlfriend with me for support. He was just so lovely and looked me in the eye and really listened to everything I said. He was also very professional. He has suggested a Brazilian teardrop "nuance" implant under the muscle - 310mL. Has anyone else had these implants and been happy with them? I want a feminine and natural look - not a fake porn look. I had consults with 2 plastic surgeons about 4 years ago, and despite their expertise I didn't feel comfortable with them. I walked away from Dr. Harwood's office feeling confident and calm. My girlfriend was impressed with him too.
  18. Oh thank you so much for replying! That is good to hear Dr Harwood will be honest if he feels the surgery is out of his scope and refer patients on. I am going to call his office this week to make an appointment for a consult. I am thinking of going for a full C cup but I will see what he suggests.
  19. Hi. I am a newbie here. I have been thinking of a breast augmentation for the past four years. I saw 2 plastic surgeons four years for consults - Dr Phil Richardson and another doctor on Northside Brisbane who has now retired. I am flat chested - smaller than an A cup and breastfed my three beautiful children. My breasts really bother me still being so small. My husband read through all the literature the plastic surgeons gave to me four years ago and he didn't want me having the surgery because of the risks he read about. We have two daughters so I was concerned what kind of role model I'd be for them getting my boobs done. But now I feel that there are so many choices out there for women and once my girls are young women they will have even more choices. I am getting teary as I write this! I am ready to have a BA and doing research again on it! Dr Kim Harwood's name keeps coming up in forums. I am in Brisbane. I am 38 years old, size 8 and 56.5 kg. Any advice re surgeons in Brisbane? Thank you for reading my words.
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