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  1. Hi! I accepted your friend request. Thank you for that. I am a bit nervous about it all, but I have been thinking about a BA for 5 years now, and I have had 3 beautiful children but I know it is time to think about me. I know if I don't do it I will regret it! Dr. Harwood suggested the 310mL over the 270mL because even though I am flat chested there is a bit of sag because of breastfeeding 3 kids. He really seems to think about not just the breast size but also how it will look in relation to the hip, waist and shoulder ratios. Also because I have a small frame. You look like you have a small frame too in your profile pic. Your profile pic looks great!

  2. Hi! I accepted your friend request. Dr. Harwood was just great. He gave me the option of either 270mL or 310mL because I have a small frame. You must have a small frame too. His advice was to go the 310mL because of my measurements rather than the 270mL. I have breastfed 3 kids so even though I am flat chested there is a slight sag there! LOL!

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    2. Goldie72


      Lol...pink butterfly...yes....me too slight sag.....such a nice word hey! ...but is my ' sag' enough to warrant a breast lift along with breast implants.....

    3. pink butterfly

      pink butterfly

      I think Goldie that you need more advice from other surgeons and see what their opinion is. This is a big decision whether to have surgery or not. So researching it a bit more will pay off in the end. My surgeon was upfront to say that I may not get perfect boobs but I will get better ones. He was right. I have a bony chest and not a lot of breast tissue so while I am happy with the result, I will never have 'kissing boobs" that squish right up next to each other. But then when I look...

    4. pink butterfly

      pink butterfly

      Just accepted your FR! :)

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