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  1. I had surgery with Dr Birch and I hate my boobs. They are so uneven and unsymmetrical. I complained from 3 months post op that something was wrong. My right breast sits much lower and hurts all the time. I believe it has either stretched or bottomed out. I wish I’d never met him. I would not recommend him to anyone.
  2. I had my surgery done in Brisbane by Dr Theo Birch so following this post. I am so unhappy with my lopsided asymmetrical outcome. I have emailed Dr Richardson as he was co owner of the practice I went to and he believes there is nothing to be fixed so please be careful
  3. Thanks hun it’s really hard for me to deal with. Leaving the house takes me forever as I constantly stare at them and assess how bad they look in the outfit I’m wearing. It seems to be really noticeable in clothes and even hubby who once said they are perfect now says he can see it too. Good luck with your revision. We will have to keep in touch. I can’t wait until I can afford one.
  4. Thanks hopefully the market picks up and we can sell our rental or we win the lotto lol. Until then unfortunately I’m stuck like this. But great to hear Dr Dona is good ?
  5. I’ve tried going back to the surgeon and he sees nothing wrong so our relationship has dissolved. I have asked Dr Phil Richardson to fix and he refuses to also. I’m desperate to get them fixed but as this stage we are up to our eyes in debt with two mortgages and a huge market crash in the town I live. I absolutely hate them. The lower one hurts all the time. Once in a bra you can see they are uneven still and make me very self conscious. Instead of going for the nice fitted clothing I wanted I end up covering them up because I feel so uncomfortable. I’d love to get a revision but hav
  6. Well a long overdue update. At 2 years post op this is what I ended up with. I hate them. Very uneven and lopsided. Honestly wish I never did it ?
  7. Yep I've had one dodgy boob for the last 18 months. I suspect it's nerve damage too
  8. I've had an ultrasound at about 2 months post op when issues first arose and it showed nothing. I was going to have another one but when I suggested to my surgeon that it was a waste of time he basically agreed with me. He thinks my result is great so I'm currently trying to save for a revision and researching the heck out of it so I don't make any mistakes again.
  9. I guess I have lost faith in Dr Richardson after he put his name to the breast institute. The way that clinic has dealt with complaints and the way it has dealt with patients is not good enough. I don't believe my results are the best they could be and I don't think I should be able to feel my breast ache and implant on my rib.
  10. I know a lot of people rave about Dr Richardson but I find his results vary just like everyone else. I've noticed the very attractive model types seem to always get a spectacular outcome ?
  11. Oh wow he should have been seeing you at his new practice. That is rubbish treatment and I would be upset too. I also found the receptionist at the old clinic to not be very nice either. I feel I got the wrong information too. I had always thought I'd get high profiles but was told due to my wide breast width and existing tissue I would get "torpedo boobs" his words. I am not a fan of my moderate profiles. They make me look wider than what I am. I also believe he places implants too low (and I'm not the only one who feels this). He also said to me that if I could find someone who agreed that m
  12. My messages don't even get through to Dr B most of the time. Months down the track he finally learnt of my ongoing pain. I think they keep him as locked away as they can from patients from his other practice.
  13. I'm 8 months post op and have tried everything to get used to them and accept them but I still hate them. They are just so different looking to each other. One sits down and looks lower, the other pulls off to the side and sits higher. The whole idea was to increase confidence and flaunt them a bit. Now I try to hide them. They make me look very matronly. I think a lift and profile exchange would look much better. A consult with Dr T is now $1,000 plus flights as I'd much rather do it in person. We have 3 kids and 2 mortgages so who knows when I'll ever be able to afford a revision.
  14. Unfortunately no revision planned yet. Just researching the hell out of everything now. I don't want to make the same mistake twice. I just think I should have been advised to have a lift. They feel very low and I'm not really a fan of the profile. I don't think my surgeon knew how to address asymmetry either. Honestly it's left me more self conscious then my pre-op boobies ever did. They make me feel very wide and heavy looking ?
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