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    Breast lift with implants, Tummy Tuck and Vaser Lipo on thighs and butt
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    Dr Thanakom 9th and 12th June 2014

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  1. Hi Lady Luck, I am soooo excited for you!! Try not to feel too nervous (says she who still has 37 days to wait lol) I have not even bothered posting on here that I finally have a surgeon and a date in Australia, as all of my past posts, not many seemed to care enough to even say anything. Really disappointed by the lack of support on here!! I haven't gone through it all yet, so don't have many words of wisdom, but I so want to wish you well and let you know that I wish all the best for you. Please keep me up dated on how you go. Good luck lovely!! xo
  2. Hi there, I was scheduled for a Mummy Makeover in Phuket in June. Due to a DVT 12 years ago, the hospital and surgeon have refused my case. Can anyone recommend a good surgeon in the Brisbane/Gold Coast area please? Any help would be so greatly appreciated!! Thanks Naomi
  3. I am totally shattered. After months of research and copious amounts of e-mails with my medical company, and my dates having been confirmed, Dr Thanakom at PIAC has refused my case I was booked for a breast lift with implants, a full tummy tuck and vaser lipo on my thighs and buttocks. I was totally up front and told them that I had a Deep Vein Thrombosis almost 12 years ago, I was very sick towards the end of my pregnancy and my veins kept shutting down with the amount of antibiotics they were giving me so a pic line was put in. Due to pregnancy hormones trying to reject the pic line (a long canular that goes from your elbow to close to your heart) when they took it out a DVT formed. I was on warfrin and daily self administered injections in the belly for 6 months until all was good. I have since had surgery on my sinuses with no problem at all. The hospital put stockings on me and a machine that massaged my calves during and after surgery. I have told Lotus all this and they have told the Dr but the Dr has said no. I am totally devastated!! I am not sure what to do or were to go from here. My agency said they are consulting a second opinion ( I don't want a second rate doctor) and she is going to speak to the hospital management team about my case. But I am not feeling confidant at all. Has anyone has a DVT before and gone through surgery? Someone please tell me yes! My 18 year dream in the making has just been ripped away and I just want to cry.
  4. Hi Brooka, I would also be keen to hear anything on TT done at PIAC , especially by Dr Thanakom. I am booked on the 9th June for a breast lift and implants and a TT and Vaser lipo on my thighs and butt on the 12th. Have you got a surgeon in mind?
  5. HI ladies I am finally booked with Lotus Medical, through PIAC and Dr Thanakom. 9th June for breast lift and implants, not sure of what size yet. At the moment I am a deflated B, hoping for a full C. 12th of June it is full steam ahead for Tummy tuck and Vaser Lipo on the thighs and Butt. I am 173cm and 70kgs. Working on being 65 by surgery day. Sooo can't wait. I wish it were now lol. I am half packed already. Thanks for all your tips ladies, and looking forward to reading all your success stories
  6. Thanks Jeanny and Tracey69. I am so glad all went so well for you both of you!! I have perhaps not chosen my words well. All the help I received from Grainne and Lotus Medical has been very helpful, friendly and the last thing I ever meant to do was give them a bad name!! I said I felt bullied.....perhaps that is not the right word. To explain, with so many agencies contacting me via email or sending me private messages on forums, and to have unknowingly have sent an application to PIAC directly not knowing at the time Lotus are their partner agency (PIAC'S words). And being asked to chose one or the other, before being given prices to help with my decision put me on the back foot a little and made me feel very overwhelmed. I chose Lotus because Grainne was so lovely and helpful and that I thought it smarter to have an agency behind me should something go wrong. I understand that everybody is trying to make money, I am not an idiot. But this for me is a MASSIVE deal, and having such a lot of surgery, it is a LOT of money my partner and I have to find. And while I want THE BEST outcome, unfortunately money is a BIG factor. So I will not apologise for exploring my options with different agencies and hospitals down to the last cent if it means my surgery dream can go ahead. I came to this forum hoping to get honest answers on procedures, doctors and agencies from all of you ladies, real people who have been through it and have researched until your head spun and who have come out the other side with a positive outcome. Instead of agencies/ hospital testimonials from "real" people telling me everything I want to hear! I hate that I am so distrusting, but with soooo many emails, phone calls, forum messages pulling me in a million different directions it is a little hard to not be!! I will be honest I have been contacted be Lotus this afternoon, someone sent them this post. I was apologised to if I felt bullied as that was not their intention. And like i said I need to chose my words more carefully. I will email them back shortly to explain. I am feeling SOOOO overwhelmed, lost and just feel like forgetting the whole thing Thank you all for your feedback and input!! It has been appreciated more than you know.
  7. Thanks ladies!! Great minds think alike lol I have sent off an email to Bangkok hospital Phuket. I tried to send my photos through to Rose as requested but they bounced back. Just waiting to find out an alternate email address. I can only get from the 1st June -27 July off work and it is the only time I can have my daughter cared for while I will be in Thailand so unfortunately I have to go when I can. I am thinking Dr Piyapas is the man for the job. I also finally received an email from PIAC quoting me the same price as Lotus and on the form it said referred by Lotus Medical.....um no I applied directly to the hospital. I am thinking if I went with PIAC lotus would still get a kick back for my surgery!? I have questioned them but no reply as yet. Not happy with them at all and am thinking Bangkok Hospital Phuket is the way to go. Ladies I am looking to book a 2 room, one bedroom one lounge room type room or a cheapish villa near the hospital. Any suggestions? Thanks again xo
  8. OMG trying to find the right surgeon/hospital/agency is such a DRAMA!! After losing 44kgs and waiting until my kids are almost grown to take the plunge (almost 18 years), I have now decided, based on the great outcome of a girlfriend that I am finally going to get a Breast lift with implants, tummy tuck and Vaser lipo on my thighs and Butt. My partner and I have decided to plan a trip to Thailand to have a holiday and get the surgery done. Well we thought it was that easy! huh lol...... So I originally started to talk to Toey at Destination Beauty as my friend went through them. I was assigned Dr Pitchit. As I started researching a few red flags went up, I was told they could not show me any before or after photos and then I started reading soooo many horror stories. So I cancelled! On doing more research I heard about Lotus Medical and how good they were, so I sent them and email, my photos as well as directly to PIAC and a few other agencies. I got a prompt reply and started talking to Grainne from Lotus to get prices through their hospital and the surgeon that I wanted, Dr Thanakom. the hospital happened to be PIAC) A day or 2 later I got an email from Lotus saying that PIAC had informed them that I had asked for a quote through another channel and that I can only use one or the other. PIAC also sent me an email saying I had to choose ( I hadn't had time to decided!!) and that I had to send Lotus an email saying I wanted them to represent me if I wanted Lotus to continue answering questions for me. So my partner and I weighed it all up and thought having an agency behind us should something go wrong would be a good thing. So I chose Lotus and informed PIAC of my decision. I finally after LOTS of emails back and forwards to Lotus got an approximate final price. I needed to work out if it was all possible with airfares and accommodation etc. The price was too much and to be honest I felt a little bullied. So I politely told Grainne it was to costly and that I was having to pull out and thanked her for her time. we decided that maybe the only way for my surgery to go ahead was to go directly through the hospital. So I emailed the PIAC, I told them I had been going through Lotus, that they cost too much and I was now going to book it all my self that I would like to book through the hospital. I had no reply from PIAC but from Lotus!! Telling me the hospital told them I was wanting to go through them, that I needed to send Lotus an email stating I wanted them to represent me again.....ummm what!?? I sent lotus an email telling them I couldn't afford surgery with their cost on top and was going to do it directly through the hospital and thanks for all their help up until now. I sent PIAC an email saying that I have informed Lotus I no longer will be using them and if they didn't want my money that I would take my business elsewhere if that is what they wanted. I have had no response from either. So I am assuming that is a no. A little bummed but everything happens as it does, when it does for a reason, I guess I just wasn't meant to have surgery there. I had also contacted John from Plastic surgery Thailand after reading some of his responses on another forum. He says he is an Australian living in Bangkok and that they have been operating for 14 years. But I can not find 1 testimonial on the whole net about them that is not on their web page!!?? He won't directly answer my questions in email and wants me to give him my number so he can talk to me about it all. Has anyone heard of them?? I am starting to get really bummed. This whole business seems so deceitful and they all seem so money hungry and are quick to bullshit you to get your money!! If anyone has any positive outcomes or a good word on which way I should go, please feel free to let me know. Thanks for listening to me ramble lol big hugs xo
  9. Well the lady at Lotus made a mistake when she emailed me (I hope it is a one off) it was a quote from Dr Thanakom like I asked not from Dr Narupon. I am just waiting for her to get back to me, some of the prices were a little steep and WAY different from the PIAC price list so I asked her to double check. All coming back well I will be booking in with Dr Thanakom for hopefully the 10th June. Soooo excited. I will it would hurry up lol. Thank you all for your feedback!! It has been much appreciated I couldn't find much on Dr T at all. If all goes well I will post a big review.
  10. Hi ladies, I am soooo glad to hear all your great feedback about Dr Thanakom! I am in the process of booking in with him through Lotus for a BA BL, TT and Vaser Liposuction for June It is really daunting not being able to find many reviews. I am getting so excited. I will it would all hurry up already lol
  11. Gnome

    Post Op Pics

    Hi Carla, I am looking at going with Dr Thanakom in June for a BA BL TT and Lipo. I would live to see your results. If I can work out how I will send a FR. Very new to all this. Congrats on your new boobies btw
  12. Gee does this private message half sound like destination beauty trying to get me back!!??.........I am an Australian and I live in Bangkok and have been running Medical tours since the year 2000 We arrange dental and cosmetic surgery for about 30 people per month Yep it is a minefield out there So many companies are no more than booking agents and some are just call centress I know if you google us you will not find one negative It is critical you speak to a company and get a feel for your trust in them. If you do not feel comfortable then no matter what they say is irrelevant (because you do not feel comfortable with them) I am actually in Melbourne at the moment and pleased to give you a call and explain a lot lot more please give me a call or email me and I will call you regards John info@plasticsurgerythailand.com.au ph 0401 716479
  13. Thanks ladies for all your input. I have cancelled with destination beauty and after a lot of research have decided to go with Lotus (PIAC) I did ask to see Dr Thanakom he seemed to give me half a quote. I have been given another quote by Dr. Narupon. I have not heard of him and am having trouble finding reviews on him. Has anyone used him for BA BL TT or Liposuction?
  14. Zbags thank you so much for sharing your experience I am new on here. I am currently booked in with Destination Beauty for in for June for a BA with lift a Tummy tuck and Lipo on my thighs and butt. I have decided to cancel as I have heard so many bad stories. Your story has helped give me hope that there are good surgeons out there. I was starting to get disheartened. I will research more on your Dr. I will send a friend request when I work out how lol cheers xx
  15. Hi everyone, I am a mum of 2 beautiful girls, one 17 and one, 11. After gaining a lot of weight due to my last pregnancy, depression (losing my brother) and just eating lots lol I gained a lot of extra weight. After my second daughter was born I sought help for the depression and started turning my life around. I lost 44kgs in 12 months with healthy eating and lots of exercise. I now have boobs that are low and saggy and a tummy that no amount of exercise can shift. After 10 years of keeping the weight off, I have decided to reward myself and get my breasts lifted with implants, a tummy tuck and Vaser Lipo on my inner and outer thighs and buttox. I booked my operations with Destination Beauty on the good word of a girlfriend who has had her boobs done and swears by them. But since doing a lot more research and now after seeing and hearing a LOT of negatives about Destination Beauty I am thinking I will cancel my operations in June I am feeling a little bummed. Can anyone please recommend companies/Dr's/Hospitals in Thailand? Thasnks so much, look forward to chatting with anyone who can offer any advice, Naomi
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