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    255cc Anatomicals - AA cup pre surgery - am hoping for a small C cup
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    Dr Miroshnik - 25th Nov 2014
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    54kg - 168cm

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  1. Hey guys, I've uploaded a gallery of day 16 post op photos - they still have a long way to drop but thought they might be helpful, especially for the other Miroshnik girls! Keep in mind that I also had inverted nipple surgery so that's why there's bruising on my nipples. Have had no pain at all since day 5 and am sleeping on side with no problems.
  2. Hey guys, We have soo many people with scoliosis here, I also have scoliosis but luckily it hasn't effected my surgery at all. Newboobsforme the wide cleavage is normal as this early stage, apparently because there isn't enough loose skin in between the breasts at the moment the implants can't move closer but will come closer together as they drop in 4-6 months and the skin softens. So I had my surgery yesterday. Unfortunately they were running 2 hours behind so I had to wait for ages which gave me more time to worry haha but it was fine. I was taken into another little room where Dr Miroshnik marked me up and assured me that it would all go well. The marking up was so quick which was good. I was then taken into the theatre and had to lie down on the table and my anaesthetist (dr de silva) gave me my injection (cannula). I was worried that this would be painful but it was absolutely nothing, least painful needle I've ever had! I was then given the general anaesthetic and I felt soo dizzy suddenly and then the next thing I knew I was on a bed in the recovery room. Dr De Silva had to come back and give me another cannula because I ripped mine out without realizing haha, I don't even remember that! I had a bit of discomfort at first but when he put the new cannula in and pain relief I felt really good, was very tired and kept drifting in and out of sleep. I was actually surprised that the pain for me was not bad at all, it was only about a 3 on a scale of 1 to 10. After leaving the hospital I had a 3 hour car ride home which I was nervous about but it was fine, I had no pain and absolutely no nausea (the nurse did give me an anti-nausea medication before I went though). I also haven't had any nausea with endone which is a great relief. This morning I woke up with some pain and it was really hard getting up and reaching for something (it hurts when I move, when I am mobile there is no pain). However, with another dose of Endone I was fine and am still feeling good now. A bit of discomfort but nothing too bad. Any of the girls going in the next few weeks, don't get overly nervous - I thought I was going to be in 10 times more pain than I am now!!
  3. Aww thanks so much guys for all the good lucks!! I am suddenly feeling really nervous for tomorrow :s Don't think I'll be getting much sleep tonight haha!
  4. Oh ok that makes sense, definitely won't be doing any massages then!! Yes I will keep you posted I've been waiting for 2 years for this so I can't wait, and yeah I bet you won't regret it
  5. Had my final pre-op appointment yesterday and have decided to go with the 255s Aghh I'm so excited, can't believe there is less than a week to go! I got told that my implants won't require any type of massaging after surgery - don't know whether this is a good or bad thing?
  6. Thanks Twinkles and DanniP for your help! I'm getting dual placement (which I think might be under the muscle??) so I think I might go with the 255s then Yes BecBec I'm so glad I chose him, he does some of the most natural looking work in Sydney IMO.
  7. hey guys I'm new here! I'm booked in for 25th Nov with Dr Miroshnik. Am wanting a really natural look and have to choose between 255s or 225 anatomicals. I liked the look of the 255s but then am worried that they may end up looking too big on me. I'm 170cm, 54kg and am skinny up top but have a bigger bottom half (pear shape). What do you think? Thanks lovelies!
  8. Hey guys, Later this year I want a breast augmentation and inverted nipple correction in either Sydney or Newcastle. I have spent hours researching different clinics & surgeons and the list is endless! I am hoping that I can get some recommendations from actual patients. I want a surgeon who does really natural augmentations with minimal scarring. I only want to go from an A cup to a large B with a natural shape. If anyone has had a great and natural looking outcome with a surgeon please could you pass on your experience and surgeon. Thanks so much!!!
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