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  1. I'm 165cm and about 54kg. I was a 10A before and got 330cc. I wear a 10D now but they don't look as big as a natural D cup.
  2. I've got quite similar stats 165cm, 54kg and was a 10A. I got 330cc anatomic implants and am now a 10D.
  3. Sorry if I'm too late but I've accepted your friend request. I was going to go the 295 coz I thought the same but am glad I went the 330. At first with all the swelling I was like, OMG what have I done?? Should've gone the 295.. but now they've settled and I love them. I fit a 10D nicely. They honestly aren't too big.
  4. No worries! Definitely don't stress about it :-) he's very relaxed during the consult and doesn't put any pressure on you whatsoever. He'll tell you the size he thinks and will get you to try them on.. then I guess if you want to try other sizes you can. I only tried the 2 on that he suggested coz they were about the size I wanted anyway. Then he tells his assistant what sizes to order. He actually said to me there was no need to decide just yet and to have to think about it over night.
  5. I had my appointment the day before but I was given the choice of 295 or 330. I couldn't decide on the spot so Dr M just ordered both and I told him the day of surgery when he was drawing on me what size I wanted. He doesn't pressure you to choose there n then.
  6. Haha i got mine from a shop called sunburn. Go to an actual swimwear shop.. they should be able to help you find something if you let them know the sort've thing you're after.
  7. I got a seafolly triangle bikini
  8. I went with Dr Miroshnik and got mentor memoryshape teardrop implants which I think are meant to be firmer than memorygel implants. I didn't have much breast tissue to begin with (dr m said probably 40cc) and I'm quite happy with how soft they are. I'm almost 4 months post op and they squish together etc. Definitely aren't hard.
  9. I went to the hairdressers 3 days post op to get my hair washed, blow dried and straightened and was fine. I had a fairly easy recovery with minimal pain tho.
  10. I had a phone consult with him and we didn't talk sizes until the face to face consult. I'm pretty sure they'd have a heap of implants somewhere. He operates on out of town patients all the time and I'm sure people would book surgery before having a consult. If you know he's the surgeon for you then I'd just book it.
  11. Yeah sure, what's the question?
  12. I paid about $12,500 for a straight forward BA using teardrop implants. I'm not sure if the prices changes if rounds are used. That cost includes everything except medication which was about $170. The $12,500 includes the hospital and anaethetist fee, 2 post op bras and a box of siltape and all of your consults. Even the cost of the initial consult is deducted from the cost. It's not cheap but well worth it.
  13. Hi Candace I had my ba with Dr in June this year and couldn't fault him. His work is flawless and he and his staff are so nice and always willing to answer any questions you've got.
  14. I can't speak for everyone else, but my implants are mentor memory shape. They are fairly squishy and I think I read somewhere that they have a fairly low cc rate.
  15. Haha do you?? What's your insta name? I just worked out who you are :-)
  16. Yeah I'm from Mackay. My recovery has been really easy right from the start.. we went to the movies and did some shopping the day after surgery. Went the taronga zoo another day lol yeah the follow up appointment basically just has to be before you head home.. the nurse can see you whenever basically so it'd depend how long your staying down there. I got 3 weeks off work and I'm glad I did. It's easy to sit at home and recover but I'm not sure how I would've gone working all day.
  17. Hi leopardprintshoes I had surgery on a Tuesday at East Sydney Private and it was great. The only issue was we drove to the hospital and couldn't find any parking so my partner dropped me off and went back to the hotel room then got a taxi back to pick me up after my surgery. We stayed at the Quest Bondi Junction (Dr M's office is at the top of the Quest) and left on the Saturday. The first follow up appointment that you have will be with one of his nurses at his office. Mine was on the Friday afternoon. They told me that the hospital fees are all the same.
  18. Vic I don't think I've had a request from you. Instagram is easier to use for photos. My account is emmasba.30.6.15.drm. Please message me before requesting so I know who you are.
  19. Go for it! I have 1 album that you should be able to see.
  20. I ended up declining the request sorry as I wasn't sure who it was. Add me again and I'll accept :-) depends how quick yours drop.. I found that you can't really tell how they look in clothes.. it's only when your naked that you can see if they haven't dropped etc.
  21. Nah I think I accepted you :-) this is someone called emily..
  22. Haha thanks! I was a 10A but didn't fill the cup.. I got 330cc anatomic medium height mod plus profile dual plane with Dr Miroshnik. Did you request to follow me on instagram? Just had someone send a request and not sure if it's you or someone else :-)
  23. Everyone drops at different rates but this was me at about 8 or 9 weeks post op..
  24. I don't think there was a great deal of difference between the 295 and 330. I think the 330 just gives me a little extra side boob. I was going to go the 295 at first because I thought the 330 would be too big but ended up changing to the 330 on the day. I love the size. I fill out clothes now but no one that didn't know I was getting them done has noticed a change.
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