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  1. Hi ladies I've decided to sell my carefix bella post op bras as I'm 6 weeks post op now and no longer need them they're in superb condition one black and one white in size small hoping to get 80 for both they retail for $55 each plus postage im also happy to post thanks pm if your interested !
  2. Hi girls ! decided I'm going to sell my carefix bella post op bras as I no longer need them , they're in superb condition only used for the 6 weeks required, I have a white and black one in size small they retail for $55 each would like to get $80 Ono for both pm if your interested thanks ladies. x
  3. oww I have dr tang next thursday eeek may I please add you girls x
  4. It's not the surgeon I was stressing about well half haha I would have been happy with Dr doung I was just worried as they said they're fully booked with all other surgeons also but I think all has been sorted now and they are only rescheduling patients up until the 9th of December so I've just scrape in to still have dr tang and no changes needed. You must have been so stressed hope your okay now x
  5. Hi ladies just wondering who has surgery booked with Dr tang between now and December 5th being interstate and it has been cancelled due to Dr tangs emergency surgery he had last night , if you have been cancelled what was the options you where given. A new surgeon changed dates? my surgery is for the 11th of December and im interstate so stressing out wondering what's going to happen !
  6. Hi if you call tci you may get lucky but I'm pretty sure they're booked up until February! but spaces open frequently so you may be lucky call them ASAP
  7. It doesn't have to be your Facebook email as it will open the Facebook page in ur Internet browser
  8. Hi new girls I'm with Dr Tang next month ! would you like to be added to the private tci page on fb? if you'd like to be added just send me your email xx
  9. you just made me.understand the different profiles Yay thankyou hahah !
  10. You should have an invite in your email address now ! xx
  11. what's your email address I'll get you added if you like
  12. Haha I have stopped doing all arms and chest since I got my 12 week until op mark I've herd in lots of cases of people who exercise a lot and have strong chest muscles they don't drop or even take until 6 months to drop so the weaker they are the better although I will have spaghetti arms and tank legs hahhaa and but hopefully I want a good ass to go with my boobs hehe
  13. totally missed like 10 comments did you already send the emails danniP? x
  14. I'll get you added girls ! when your trying to get fitter try not to do chest muscle exercises if they're to tight they will take longer to drop into place !
  15. I'm keeping mine to myself also I can't be bothered with the judge ment and criticism some people seem to think they need to throw in when it's not needed can really make you feel like shut sometimes too,, I've only.told my mum dad my partner told his mum as she needs to baby sit aswell as my mum and my sister in law haha and I accidently let it slip when I got excited and told. my brothers gf and she judged and told me not to get them straight away and I was lkle ah crap shut up haha.
  16. Just have to wait for one of the administration to send you the invite to your email
  17. Hi ladies it's Co pretext hidden you can only see it if your added wich makes it so great ! If you'd like to be added send me your email address and you can be added that way it is for people looking into booking at tci, people who are booked and post op tci girls we are all very close and talk so much haha
  18. Are you on the page I'm on the pre and post op for tci? its hard to know who everyone Is with ps forum names and fb names hahhaa your close to me then I'm only in port kennedy
  19. Aw wow there's so many perth girls at the moment going to tci within the next couple months it's great ! are you on the tci fb page ? x
  20. I'm south perth also in port Kenedy area .. wow so close how was the wait up to it feel long that's so exciting I'd be excited to can't wait to hear how it all gos!
  21. Haha poor hubby, I arrive at 630 am the day of my consult at 2 pm in parramatta. but from the airport until 1130 ish will be around the harbour bridge and bondi etc then to parramatta for my consult then shopping after and depending what time surgery is the next day more shopping that morning or something or surgery straight up then rest 2 days and home
  22. They are strict as it's airline conditions you must be 48 hours after surgery, I'd just stay the extra day to be safe the airline can refuse u on board if they find out your not 48 hours post op x
  23. Haha oh okay I was thinking you where taking like 6 when it was ment to be 2 or something haha they're 32 dollars on ebay for 250 tablets ? I might give them a go and the drink aswell. everything I can haha
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