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    tummy tuck thigh lift, lipo, implants via stomach
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    Dr. Pichits (bangkok) 9th january 2014
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  1. Sorry to hear your story. I have sent u a FR & wish u my very best x

  2. Hey everyone, ok so my legs have healed but are massivly scared..I have pockets where it feels like theres no flesh.. my stomack scar is healing funny I have propably about 20 stitches along it that are protruding and flare up every now and then. My stomach at the moment is so full of fluid that I look pregnant. And my breast have dropped dramaticly and feel rippled. Im pysicaly and emotionaly drained.. I packed up and moved out bush to be on my own and closer to family.. my self esteem has been shattered..cant even explain how low I feel.. I dont go anywhere or do anything I just want to hide out away from everyone... im consitering going to a hospital today to get the fluid drained but dont want to get thrown around departments again... aparently the hospital is willingbto help out with costs to fix it but want the medical reports first as if the photos arnt enough.. but they could take a month to come through.. everything seems so hard
  3. Hi I just read your story and saw your photos, you poor thing :( wot a monster that dr was. No one diserves what he did to you, stay strong and I hope u heal soon and get some damn good answers. All the best

  4. And thank you so much for ur support its been so hard mentaly. All ur comments and messages make it easier
  5. Ok update everyone. I still have 2 holes in my legs and another one coming .all of the flesh around the area has been destroyed or eaten away and left big empty tunnels on my thigh.. I spent 4 days in hospital on iv antibiotic and was sent home on antibiotics. I have been on them a week and my stomach has refilled with fluid. I have just have just had a meeting with destination beauty and they are being very cooperative. I just need to find the best surgeon to fix it. Does anyone have any recommendations.
  6. Awesome that's good to hear babe thank you xxx
  7. Babe im sorry to hear about your husband I still havent had a chance to deal with what my partner did.. ive been too sick too.. im a wreck u know that much because I thought havibg 5he surgery would fix everything but it hasnt .. some days I hope I dont wake up because im hurting so bad but I just tske ecery day as it comes..

  8. Im back in hospital now at the princess alexandra.. I was admitted lastnight. They said I have some collections in my stomach.. aparently im b3eding some bangkok bacteria.. I have another hole developing on my thight.. ill post photos soon. Theyve prepared me for worse case scenario. . Ive had 4 lots of heavy iv antibiotics since yesterday afternoon.. im shitting myself in a big way trying not too thou
  9. if you look on my facebook you'll see the videos of how much fluid I had
  10. http://www.facebook.com/hotstuffweller
  11. can someone tell me if the videos worked please?
  12. I was out of surgery and back home in 7 days.. I was there alone and terrified at what I had just done and asked if I could leave and they said it was fine...now I know more about it theres no way they should have let me leave... does anyone know what the pa plastics dept is like.. the surgen laughing at me has really damaged any confidence I had and id like to find someone else to treat me
  13. no theyre gel implants..i couldn't understand him that well he just explained that he was going to insert the implants via y stomach while it was open for my tummy tuck..i guess I was such a mess emotionaly it was going in one ear and out te other..as for the dr here laughing at me that's why im here I want to find out who else comes recommended that I could see..
  14. yes im going to have to have them fixed too..i thought atleast they were ok but apparently not :-(
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