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    I had a Breast lift and implants on 20th December 2013 with Dr Moradi. Very pleased with the results and owe it all to Dr Moradi who is amazing.
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    Dr Moradi 20th December 2013
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    168/ 67 kilos/10DD
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  1. Yes I had a BA and BL with Nipple reduction in December. You will not be disappointed with Dr Moradi. A true expert in his field
  2. I had an Areola reduction also as mine were huge post op. No pain at all in that area
  3. I've been tempted also - would be good to get some feedback if any one has used them
  4. Hi 40something, Check out The Breast Clinic, they may be able to help you.
  5. Hi Lozza81, I had a BA and BL with Dr Moradi in December last year and since have had several people see him and all of us are happy with our results. You are welcome to send me a FR and check out my photos
  6. Hi, I had my surgery through Dr Moradi in December last year. Welcome to check out my photos on my page. Send me a Friend request. Couldn't recommend him enough.
  7. Wishing everyone a Happy Easter. Enjoy the break wherever you are. If you are travelling stay safe.
  8. Hang in there sweetie. If it doesn't ease after day 5 send a message to doc. Rest up
  9. H Chelsey87, If you want several more opinions post your photos on www.realself.com and surgeons from all over the place will give you their educated opinion. You can do this without using your name. It may help
  10. Good luck sweetie - You deserve this and I hope it all goes well. Keep us updated on your progress.
  11. I have silicone tape my surgeon gave me but haven't used it as yet. I have just being using the micropore tape as with the silicone you need to take it off every time you shower or go for a swim and put it back on. Micropore tape can get wet and you can leave on for 7-10 days. Both tapes help with the healing but I believe the silicone tape is better. I haven't worried as my scars are healing nicely anyway.
  12. Hi Annie, I had the compression band put on by Dr Moradi and needed to leave on for a week.
  13. Lematasa

    I'm out!

    Congrats. Hope tonight isn't too bad. Try and sleep uprightish if you can.
  14. Your surgeon should be able to show you different sizes and give his professional opinion on what sizes you can go. I wasn't 100% sure as to what size I was until after surgery - My surgeon took several different sizes into surgery and tried them all to see which one would be best. Don't stress your surgeon will advise you but agree with Chem write down all your questions so you remember what to ask at your consult.
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