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  1. Honey there is no medical time frame! It's all about your own body And your own comford, I have been sleeping on my sides since about 2 weeks post op and it actually helped my implants come closer together, just make sure you are always in your post op bra
  2. Hi girls I have been rushed to my GP today as I have developed a vaginal trush / yeast infection, I haven't been sexually active and I am very clean person too, my GP told me its been caused by those antibiotics taken post op. so just letting you know it's a common side effect before somebody freak out like me xox
  3. Hi girls I am 4 days post op, and my back is in pain constantly from laying down, do you have any tips how to eas the pain???? Other than that I am in love with my girls if I could I would do the procedure all over again my doctor was awesome and the results awwwww amazing ❤❤❤ 178cm/ 60 kg / 425cc EHP
  4. Hi girls still feeling ok just my back is hurting sooo much, been awake whole night ... I guess it's a good prep for kids lol Pain is still the same, just the ribs are killing me but ice packs really helping. When I touch my boobies and nipples they are still num, how long they will take to be back to normal? Still can't believe I have my new boos already 24 hrs ❤❤❤
  5. Everything went smooth and well, I am sooo happy got my 425 XHP cc subfacial.... Felling awesome just with a slight pain under those incisions My girls were 10b now hopefully DD. Thanks guys for everything because this forum has been part of my life last couple of months Anee
  6. Are here any girls at least one who would experience/ consult with Dr. Wong in Brendale Cosmetic clinic??? Anyone? Thanks xox
  7. Thank you so much girls, I have my op next Thursday and getting a bit nervous as per norm. Just one more q: how does overs differ to unders in several years time - is there a significant difference in drops? Thank you xxx
  8. I Have oné week to ho and my surgeon wantd to go over the muscle due to large amount of natural breast tissue, but in my head I always wanted unders as I have been reading all the girls stories having dual plane or unders.... Please if anyone here with overs share your story thanks girls ?
  9. Hi girls I got 1 week to my Ba and my surgeon keeps telling me that overs will be better as I don't want to look like snoopy But I really want unders? Does anybody here got under and is unhappy with results or opposite?
  10. Hi Hun, I am booked in with dr.wong the day after you the 10april, he will be acting very carefully with the sizing ... I lost 17 kgs to and my boos are now A cub, he told me max 375 but when I showed him pictures how big my boobies were before, we have settled on 425 cc )) good luck honey!!!!
  11. Hi I am on the 10.april, counting down the days and hours going with 425 round XHP yay.... 57 days to go! Any girls here in brussi?
  12. Yellen

    April girl !

    Any other Brisbane April girls here???
  13. Hi girls I need bit of help, I am 178cm/62 kg very athletic figure, got , my BA booked for 10.april so far decided on extra high Brazilian round unders ... The question is 375cc or 425cc....is there anybody with similar measurements ... I am currently saggy 12B Thanks
  14. I am 10.april before BA 10B getting 425 cc round extra high profile
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