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    Planning to have a BA with TCI after I finish breastfeeding my daughter. Interested in Lipo with them as well for my stomach.
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    162cm/currently 67kg

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  1. Belle if you FR me you can see my pics. I was very happy with him.
  2. Stomach fat? I can't see any. You look amazing! I'd be thrilled if I looked like you. Don't waste your money
  3. I had overs and never noticed mine drop. If they did it must have happened pretty soon after I got them. Or maybe when the swelling went down.
  4. I've got overs. Friend request me and you can see the pics. I'm very happy with them.
  5. He sounds like he will be jealous of the attention you might recieve. Remember you are getting them for you and him, no one else
  6. 4 months post op I don't think it will matter at all if you don't wear your bra for a few days.
  7. I am 33 and feel that my best years (in regards to appearance) are past. I am looking far older and am carrying an extra 5-10kg, yet just don't feel overly motivated to lose it. I have 2 young kids and at this stage between them and work every ounce of energy is drained from me.
  8. Ohhhh Caterpillar when I go to the US in August I might do a few days in Mexico (was going to be Costa Rica, but Mexico is cheaper). Last time I went I stayed in Playa Del Carmen (near Cancun). I assume lipo in Mexico is cheaper than the US?
  9. I had this done to one of my ears in primary school. It was a very straightforward procedure which was performed in a tiny country hospital (Bellingen NSW). Recovery was easy with no drama.
  10. I just think of Tara Reids botched stomach and hope I don't get that. However I wouldn't expect to end up with a remotely flat stomach, just decreased in size would make me happy now.
  11. My daughter was 14 months when I had my surgery, and my son nearly 4. I had overs and had an amazing and easy recovery. I was carefully picking my daughter up from about day 3 or 4. I was easily driving etc from about 5 days post op. Everyone recovers differently though.
  12. I'll have to look into it I think Caterpillar and start making lists etc. when are you hoping to have your surgery?
  13. Oh I meant to say the flight was hard enough without recovering from a procedure. You know how they say it's a certain cost for each area? Do they class the stomach as one area? While I know I'd benefit greatly from thigh lipo I really am only concerned with my stomach.
  14. The flight was hard enough after a medical procedure when I went last time. 14 hours cramped up. However if I got the surgery done when I first arrived I wouldn't be flying home for a week or more.
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