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  1. At the end of the day how much do you have to do with the surgeon? You will see him maybe once before the surgery, the day of surgery, and a few more times for consults over the years. In the scheme of things it's not a lot of time. Now if you were doubting his skills or ability I'd say to ditch him. But if he is a good surgeon I'd go with him.
  2. I'd still go ahead with it.
  3. Fantastic Bigbooty! Do you have to pay anything??
  4. I'm pretty sure you pay an extra $500 for the CC 'guarantee'. I had a consult with them but decided not to go with them. I was borderline and they wanted to put 520cc's in to fill them. It would have made me at least a G cup. I ended up getting 350cc's with a PS and am now a DD/E.
  5. What size were the ones you already had?? Maybe she didn't measure and just worked off the dimensions of them?? But that wouldn't make sense really as you can normally go bigger with a second op anyway! How odd that she didn't mark you either
  6. Can you bring a friend or your partner with you?? I'm such an emotional person and not at all assertive so would never be able to voice concerns like this. If you can't bring someone I'd write it all in an email and send that before hand so she can read it and have time to think.
  7. I'm 32 and have had 2 kids. I don't regret mine for one second.
  8. I'd give it a few more days or a week and see what happens. I had that and then had the odd swishy feeling in one of mine early on.
  9. Oh and I've lost 3kg since my surgery and have another 5-10kg to go, so far no issues with them.
  10. Yup I'm pretty happy. I know I'll probably need a lift down the track, but I knew that either way. I had a consult with Dr Lee at TCI and he wanted to give me 560cc which would have made me a F or G cup. I feel that would have been too much for me. I'm happy I went with Dr Choy and had the 350cc instead. I'm a DD/E now and happy. I will try to put some more pics up soon as they look heaps better now.
  11. I just saw your other post Cait and noticed it was Dr Choy. I responded in your other thread. But I was happy with him.
  12. Me! I am 6 weeks post op and very happy. He did advise me that to get best results I should have a lift as my nipples were/are uneven. But I was happy to go ahead with them as they are and will consider a lift down the track.
  13. Was the surgeon Dr Choy? I had my surgery with him and we discussed the same things you mention in your post. I ended up getting 350cc overs about 6 weeks ago. My recovery was really good. I was back to normal and doing everything by day 6 PO. I think getting overs generally means quicker recovery.
  14. I was back into normal life after a week. I guess it depends on your recovery though, everyone seems so different.
  15. Mine has included post op appointments with surgeon (2 week PO, 6 week weeks PO and then 3 months PO, then he said once a year). It also included a dressing change with a nurse.
  16. I think TCI were right to be honest in telling you that they perform straightforward procedures in a day surgery. They obviously feel that given your history it is not a safe option to operate on you. I know if I had any possible issues I would rather be operated on in a hospital by a plastic surgeon.
  17. Hello! I picked my 14 month old daughter up from day 3, but was just careful to bend with my knees. I didn't carry her large distances, just in and out of the cot. I was driving and lifting her into the car at about 6 days post op. If the Panadienne makes you feel bad then don't take it. I preferred the Endonne as it eliminated all my pain. I took it till 5 days post op then took no pain relief.
  18. Dr Revis seems like a fantastic surgeon. I bet they will look amazing.
  19. Uh oh, this might be me in 6 months to a year. I got 350cc overs and am hoping to lose about 8kgs to get back to my pre pregnancy weight. Maybe I should have waited.
  20. I didn't wear dozers before my surgery so can't say for sure, but I can tell you that I got 350cc and I don't notice any weight at all. It felt funny the first few days when I'd take my bra off to shower, kind of like they were going to fall off, but now they are totally normal and I haven't had any back pain. I can't say about bigger sizes though.
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