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  1. I am 33 and feel that my best years (in regards to appearance) are past. I am looking far older and am carrying an extra 5-10kg, yet just don't feel overly motivated to lose it. I have 2 young kids and at this stage between them and work every ounce of energy is drained from me.

  2. I agree that you should get a refund in this case as you booked after being advised you were a suitable candidate.

    However if Dr Lee feels that he can't get the best results from implants alone he must have a good reason. I had a consult with him and was told the same thing (in my case I agreed).

    I booked a consult with a PS in Sydney and am now 6 months post op with boobs I am really happy with. We decided that I didn't need the lift at this stage. I went with Dr Ellis Choy from Zilver Lining. Very happy.

  3. Hi Caterpillar, I'm sorry to read you had a botched job. Can I friend request you and see pics if you have any up?

    My holiday itinerary is roughly-

    4 nights LA

    3 nights Vegas

    (Then either 4 nights Costa Rica or San Francisco- not sure yet).

    I thought I'd do it in LA.

    Basically I have a fat stomach. It's not just lose skin, but actual fat. That is the only area I am wanting done.

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