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    1) Dr Kevin Ho 6/6/14 295cc 2) Dr Kevin Ho 10/8/17 375cc
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  1. Thankyou everyone!!! I'm not as stressed now. If they end up looking a tad more 'natural' I'll be happy, fingers crossed for that xx
  2. I'm so excited we're having another Bub. I'm slightly concerned about my boobies. I got them last year when we thought we were done, turns out we weren't. I love my girls and don't want them to be all saggy again. I know, shallow, but surely your allowed to be a little shallow sometimes, don't judge haha ? How have your boobs survived pregnancy? Did you breastfeed or opt not to? Also, did they get humongous. Before op I was an A cup and went to a DD when pregnant. Now I'm a DD, am I going to look like Dolly Parton??? If anyone has photos of your fake boobies before you breastfed and after, I'd be extremely grateful. Thanks lovelies xx
  3. I'm not a fan of TCI either. They seem like a boobie factory, 1 in 1 out. I didn't have a great experience with them and this was just emails and phone calls. They said I was borderline. I saw a real plastic surgeon and he said I would be fine. See a PS!! Highly recommend dr Kevin Ho from The breast clinic and also has his own private practice.
  4. So to make myself happy I went out and got new bras, which are under lock and key from dumbo. They are beautiful. I'll put picks up xx
  5. I have tear drops and couldn't be happier. I got 295cc which has made me a 10DD, but they still look natural, upper pole is exactly what I wanted. I love them. Feel free to FR to look at pics.
  6. That sounds painful. You should call your plastic surgeon Hun and get him to check it out!
  7. To those looking for a strapless bra still, I just found the best one ever and the price----- $19!!!! It even better than the last one my moron dog ate which was $50 (Im still crying yes). Anyway its on ebay, I ordered 10DD which is what ive been in most bras. Its called La Isla seamless bra. Have a look. It just arrived today and ive been wearing it, so comfy and has a plunge front so hardly looks like your wearing a bra. LOVE IT
  8. He is spiteful viv haha! My husband said he must be a boob man and it's not even his fault.... He's a bulldog, they don't have the biggest brains despite having a huge head so I'm trying to forgive him. He knew exactly what to go for, it was on the laundry floor under all the beach towels and kids clothes, he dug it out specifically
  9. Laser sounds good! What a good guy to offer that for free! Fantastic. Those bnt's vouchers go quick don't they! Yes put some pici's up. Well my dog is a moron it's official. He ate my other bra today, my beautiful one, is he kidding, he goes into the laundry finds my bras and sneaks outside with them and chews them into a million pieces. Little bugger. Our yard is 3 levels - He has now set up home in the lowest level of the backyard. I flipped out and made my son drag his kennel, bed, and bowls from level 1 down to level 3... I'm coming to the realisation I love my bras more than him hahaha how bad is that. I might like him again in a few days... Maybe. Far out.
  10. Happy birthday kenn. Yessss bras and thing voucher, love it! That's the only present I want to receive from now on. Ill go check your pics out now! I finally put some new ones up too, taken me long enough!!
  11. It is hard doll. Go with who ever you feel most comfortable with. I can happily recommend dr ho, I know he'll take great care of you but it's so personal. Go with what your gut says! Good luck in your choice
  12. So my perfect strapless bra died... Was running around the house searching for it. Couldn't find it anywhere, later that day went into the backyard and there it was chewed into a million pieces by the dog. We arnt on speaking terms at the moment....stupid dog!!
  13. I'm the same as you merman, Im so used to having no boobies so they feel heavy to me, i feel like I need to hold them up. It's totally in my head, they arnt going anywhere. I'm going to try and loose the crop, it might be nice. Hubby will be happy to see the back of my post op bra, so ugly but just so comfy
  14. Just wondering if you are still wearing crop tops or some sort of support to bed? And how far post op you are? I'm 4 months and still wear my post op bra or a yoga crop to bed, I think I do it out of habit. Is it necessary? Is it just a habit I've got myself into? What do you all do?
  15. Great to hear. I had dr Ho. too, I love him! He certainly knows his stuff! I can't say enough good things about him. So happy your surgery went well.
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