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    Dr Val 7th April 2014
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    167cm, 62kgs, deflated A after breast feeding
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    Mother of 2/ Beauty Therapist
  1. Hi girls I went through TCI and was very happy. Only reason they r so cheap is because they have their own facilities and use a twilight sedation rather than a general. The clinic is very clean, professional and I've herd nothing but great results from hundreds of girls.
  2. 3mths and still numb from the nipple down but funny enough have feeling through my incisions- how does that work?! Hoped it may have gone by now. Still feels like when we have all that padding and u don't even realize ur leaning on something till u look down and c ur boobs resting on the table!!
  3. Hi girls. Unfortunately that page is only adding ppl that we know personally and that are booked with TCI. They also require confirmation of booking. In recent past we have had a few unwanted ppl just looking to cause trouble and have had to become really strict with accepting ppl due to the personal photos posted. Hope u understand. If u have any questions I can help u with pls feel free to pm me.
  4. I think citygirl got the point she wasn't wanted hear ladies!!! ???? what a horrible person. They look completely normal for 6 wks and Dr Tang is a very popular and reputable surgeon. No mistakes there girl just takes time. Sorry u had to cop an earful from an idiot that has no idea like that. We would all tell u ( nicely!) if we thought u had anything to worry about. Massage, massage, massage ?
  5. Oh chiwee I'm so sorry that it is what u were worried about. Did he recommend u wear a symmastia bra at all? I wonder if wearing one now would help at all? And we're u told to massage?
  6. Yes because of the closeness of them pre-op and my chest is also concaved I was limited to size and was also at risk of a great deal of swelling between them so the bra is to prevent the swelling which can apparently come as late as 6wks. Happy to say I'm nearly 4wks and had minimal to no swelling between them- but rocking cleavage! Feel free to send FR
  7. Yeah def has to do with what u start with. Mine r the opposite. Very close to start and also a concaved chest so I was limited to how big I could go with out them squishing together and looking ridiculous!
  8. Oh thank goodness I was sure I was the only one to have to wear it! It's horrid- like wearing crutchless undies but not in a good way! The bottom strap is just so thick- so uncomfortable on new incisions. ?
  9. Congrats on the new girls! I don't have the congenital type but I am currently 8 days post opp and have been told to wear a symmastia bra for 6 wks to prevent them joining. R u needed to do the same??
  10. Omg back to work already Kmk227?!?! U have had an awesome recovery! Mine been pretty text book too. Finally feeling like everything has loosened up today and the aching has stopped. Was actually getting more pain from my back than boobs! Only having some nurophen morning and night. Think they have started to soften too which is exciting.
  11. I may have gotten a bit ahead of myself kmk227! Woke up this morning feeling in heaps of pain across the top of my chest and left shoulder. Took ages to settle down but thankfully it did by this arvo. Was able to go for another walk to school and a drive to dancing with dd. Hoping for a good nights sleep and everything starts to loosen up a bit. I think I'm a bit more uncomfortable today cause I'm starting to get feeling back around my ribs and really starting to feel the bra band digging a bit. Over all they r looking good though!!
  12. Day 1 post op and feeling fab! Went for a walk to dd school to watch her dance today and was quite suprised that I wasn't tired or sore once home. Discomfort has been minimal, just having 1 panadine forte every 6 hrs just to take that sore muscle feeling away. Was much happier with size and shape once I had took the bra off and had a good look- can't wait to c how they look in a wk! Photos r up!!
  13. It sure was!! Yeah I've only taken 1 forte and feeling pretty good. Keep forgetting I can't use my arms to get comfy though!
  14. Oh Jjgirl I'm sorry uv had a crappy time I totally warned my hubby and mum that I would feel like that! I don't think this dodgy bra is helping- mines more like a strap that's to keep them separated and prevent mono boob. I have to wear it for the whole 6wks! It's like wearing cruchless undies on top as it doesn't actuall cover my boobs! Thanks girls I'm trying to stay open minded! kmk227 can't wait to c urs! Shame we didn't get to chat.
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