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  1. I'm a registered nurse and more that likely going over the muscle so I'd love to know the answer to MummyInLove's post too
  2. Thanks heaps for that! huge help
  3. do you mind me asking why you're switching? I'm stuck on what placement I should have
  4. Thanks for the advice ladies. I seriously think I'm over thinking it all. I'm considering travelling interstate to TCI. They do overs as well don't they?
  5. I am also quite small in the chest area so I think I'll lean more towards unders. But think I might get a second opinion because the surgeon I have seen only does overs. Which makes it very hard knowing what's best for my body :/
  6. So I've been chatting to a few girls recently about their implant placement. Some have gone under and wish they'd gone over and some have gone over and wish they'd gone under It's made me so confused with which direction to take! Is anyone many years post op and now wishing they had of gone the alternative? Will one option sag more over time? Any suggestions are appreciated!
  7. I'm in the same boat! Would really love to be added to the fb page
  8. Sounds like you had a wonderful experience sunshine. Hope you don't mind me sending a FR. I'm really wanting to get a feel for Dr Tangs work
  9. Wow flowermay we are in the same boat! To be honest I think I'm only considering TCI because of the price and, like you did, would feel much more comfortable staying within perth thats great he was able to find your asymmetry! My mum actually went with dr Goldman and he found asymmetry on her and she was able to claim. I'm hoping I take after my mother and he finds it on me too will definitely send send a FR to see some pics! thank you for this, has made a few things a bit easier to decide
  10. Hi So I'm needing advice about my BA I live in perth and my first option was dr Goldman. But since doing a bit of research I discovered TCI. My dilemma is that I don't know if it's worth travelling to Sydney to have my surgery or stay in perth. The major factor here is the price! Dr Goldman I'd be paying anywhere around $11,000 but TCI is only around $6,000 plus flights and accommodation. Has anyone else been in this predicament? What if I come back to perth and have complications? Is one surgeon better than the other? (Dr Goldman vs Dr Tang)
  11. Yeah I don't want to get on prac and not be able to do anything! I think July time is probably a good time so it allows enough time to heal
  12. I think dr Goldman mostly does over the muscle so hopefully that means I will heal a bit quicker. But like everyone said, I should probably take it easy for quite a few weeks and not push myself. I don't want to do damage to them
  13. Yes that does help, I thought it would be longer than that so that's good! Thank you I'll probably go with dr Goldman. My mum and friend have both gone through him and got excellent results
  14. Hi, I'm studying to be a nurse and I'm in my last year. With this in mind I'd like to get my BA done before I'm registered and working in a hospital. Can anyone tell me how long it took to heal enough to do everyday things like hangout the washing and make a bed and the such and feel comfortable doing so? I don't want to get them done too soon to going out on a prac! thanks in advance
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