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    BL & BA Dr Tony Connell, Anatomical FF-FX
    Always been quite active swimming n bike riding so have the shoulders and glutes to match Currently 12D which is washed out on my frame hoping for Proportion n Fullness yet Natural!
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    Tony Connell 24/6/14

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  1. Thanks Southern Girl n Juniper, Ill give the hospital a courtesy call n double check and go past breastcare on the weekend! It is so surreal less then a week Ill have new boobies need to to do some photos of before to compare for later
  2. Hi Ladies, Finally had some time to sit down and catch up with all your comical and supportive posts I am now one week till checking in to the hospital op date 24th of June. pretty much have everything I need but haven't gotten my surgical bras ill do it this weekend did everyone just go straight to breastcare or did you shop around? Also to the ladies that stayed over night can you bring pjs or did you just where a gown overnight? Did any of your partners get to stay with you? Mine wanted to be there holding my hand the whole time poor thing I think he is more worried about the op then I am.
  3. Thanks Southerngirl, Just sent a FR the way this is going maybe we should all catchup b4 christmas and take a group photo for Tony and start a Facebook Fan page Lol
  4. j, congrats on ur upcoming surgery. Can I ask what ur states are, I'll send a FR too as I'd love to follow ur journey. I can't speak personally yet about Tonys work as I'm booked in for a consult in July for a revision surgery. I can speak about BL scarring though - I had my initial BL + BA in Phuket 12 months ago and had a lollipop lift, I was so worried about the scarring but to honest u can barely tell. It's just a shame one of my implants bottomed out otherwise they would of been perfect.
  5. Hi Tony Connell Ladies, I have finally committed and I'm now booked for 24th June 7weeks 6Days till op not that I'm counting...... (Feel scared an excited at once!) Tony Is as you ladies have discussed very direct, honest and nothing left unsaid and I felt completely comfortable after our first meet. His recommendation is BL & BA due to my nipple placement and I'm just borderline droop with Anatomical FF/FX CC unknown till after surgery he has allowed up to 490, I shan't lie I'm petrified with the Idea of BL scars but also I want a result that lasts not that looks good for a couple of years b4 gravity dose her job again. resulting in tennis balls in socks look! So what I would like to know if any of you ladies have had a similar op with Tony and if possible may I see results all FR's are welcome Thanks for the Help Ladies you have been a Great source of support and encouragement!
  6. If you are still wondering about Dr Goldman a friend of mine went with him and she found him very comfortable to deal with she also preferred the round/fake look but without going overboard....... They look really amazing on her!
  7. Thanks Alioop, I defiantly think ill be aiming for a PS over a CS but what is the difference in price? are we talking like just a grand? I noticed on Dr Rastogi CS is $13'500 ruffly an Dr Briggs PS wasn't that far off as I could recall.
  8. Thanks Olive92 I'll keep my eyes open on your update an Fingers crossed all goes to plan May I also ask why Lee over the others?
  9. Thanks Loz89, If they are the Rembrandt of surgeons then Ill consider travel! His look book is Impressive but isn't a Plastic Surgeon supposed to be better then a Cosmetic Surgeon?
  10. Ok I'm a new starter to the forum but any advice from you Ladies would be Greatly Appreciated. Iv been reading your feeds about Perth Plastic Surgeons and I think I'm choosing between Dr Briggs, Dr Lee and also Dr Connell yet to see the last two for a consult but what I would like in the end is to have Large Natural looking/feel, minimal scar the type that make you want to cry (In a good way of course) has anyone aimed for a similar result and can suggest the surgeon?
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