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  1. my left still sits higher and the muscle hurts when I do chest exercises but my right doesn't .. my ps said I need to give it more time to settle im 4 months !!
  2. I got 450HP happy with the projection I don't think they look fake but I think that's down to having Dual Plane so they don't look stuck on
  3. mark did mine I agree congrats on the new boobies mark did mine too and Jenni is fab I agree !!
  4. once you stop wearing your pst op bra at 6 weeks or so they kinda relax and soften more so look bigger as they r not being compressed as much that's what I found
  5. I got 450HP and mine do not feel huge either although people keep telling me they r not small its weird !!
  6. It's so true ive been avoiding bras that push them together just wearing maternity bras to allow them to drop more i just took some pics today haven't taken any for weeks so I was wuite chuffed that I have s little gap !! Time to try a proper bra on see if I can fill it out now !!
  7. How very true !! I would have loved spaced out boobs with heaps of side boob and 2 finger width in the middle ideally
  8. Trust me its much better to have side boob than like what I got where they just sit together in the middle !!Finding a bra is a nightmare as I have nothing to put in a bra at the sides so even a C cup is empty at the sides and they r busting out in the centre !! And I got 450HP so u would assume Id be wearing a DD not so because the majority of my boob sits in the middle so frustrating but that's my makeup cant change it even no boobs sat together with no gap !!
  9. ive had both my overs were more ball like and stuck on looking as I have zero fat to cover them I now have dual plane and they look more natural u cannot see the outline of the implant like before that's just me though
  10. You will unlikely say you wish you had gone smaller !! I have 450cc HP and no one has even noticed in clothes they still look the same seeing as I was wearing padded bras !! I initially bought a DD bra which then became too big bought a D cup now that's too big at 9 weeks im in a C cup so cc size does not equate to bra size just go with the rice sizers I say !!
  11. A D cup is not actually that big once u have them !! They look smaller in clothes to be honest ! Every single person who knows I've had them done says oh they don't look any different think its cos i always wore padded bras anyway
  12. This sounds identical to me !! Lefty is higher (right handed) sometimes feel like it's dropped then freak out it looks higher rounder and completely different to the right .. It's soooo stressful even at 6-7 weeks i check them out on the hour every hour haha
  13. Sorry it's your breast width so mines 11.5 and the implant width is 12.7 i wanted it bigger than my natural breast width and I meant i was 58 kilos im measuring a 12d at 6 weeks po but i had implants in before possibly 240cc not sure but was wearing padded c cup bras
  14. yep me too ! I was booked in for 500 panicked last minute got 450
  15. do you know your bwd ? I got 450cc HP oddly enough I can still wear the same bras as before Im just fuller in them if that makes sense Im 166cm 58k
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