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  1. fitzy go with the 500-550 but just put faith in your surgeon
  2. Hmmm thisis all pretty interesting the first ps said i could only go like 380 second said no bigger than 475 and now i found Cary Kailis who seems to totally get what im after and will do 480s i was hoping for 500s but it seems im not big enough to hold them weird im 5foot 6 and 63kg but im tiny now only maybe an a cup sometimes not even that. I went up to a DD when feeding though and loved it so i know i want a decent size just wondering miss little how do you make these rice sizes???
  3. Donatella Yours are amazing. Just jumping in still trying to find a dr i gell with and that will take me to the size i want im 169cm 63kg and want minimum 500 i know i want big juicy ones and first dr wouldnt take me anymore than 400 Dr Briggs in Perth here will take me up to 475 max so going for another consult with Kailis hoping third times the charm and hell put in at least 500-550.. Just saw your latest pics Donatella and theyre the most perfect that would be my desired outcome so fingers crossed and you must be stoked
  4. Willisk and Bigbooty i hope you dont mind i have sent you both a fr i am still researching. I have had a consult with Vanbeem but he wasnt the right fit for me. I was keen to go with Briggs for ba and upper eyes but have since been told his eyes arent great so have started researching further, this thread has helped loads thanks girls
  5. JStar

    Botox virgin

    Why don't you try giving the girs at Rejuva a call they do botox laser and fillers. Ask for Tif she's fab just let the reception know u just want a consult good luck Hun
  6. wooow thanks Ladybug and PoCaHoNtAs i was going to go with briggs but reading this has put me right off so thanks
  7. Hey dj2014 I was going to go with Dr Briggs as hell take me bigger than the first consult i had but still only 475 and i was hoping for 500 minimum would you recomend dr kailis?? so many drs its so confusing Thanks
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