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  1. Hi there I'm similar in stats, I am a size 8, 165cm and 54kgs. I got 330cc 4wks ago so yet to be sized. I'm very happy although I could have went a little bigger. I think you should at least go around 300cc, like everyone says they don't look as big once they are in good luck!
  2. Hello there well as you know I'm a Dr Szalay girl and like I said he is a bit strange but he makes up with it on results and the day of surgery he was awesome!!! Anyway you have a good starting point so I think either would be great on you but the 400's at least you won't have regrets . Like I said go back and back until you are satisfied like I did, he won't mind at all
  3. And I might add, my first consult I decided on 375cc and I compared myself to everyone too much on here and I do regret that because in doing that I talked myself out of the bigger size... xx
  4. I think you should go the 330's... I have 330's and I am very happy with mine but I still could have gone to 350/375 I reckon. I was tossing up between 330 and 350 and because I was so worried and couldn't decide I picked the smaller size, I didn't listen to EVERYONE on here that told me I'd regret not going that bit bigger, I don't regret it as such but I'm annoyed at myself for tossing up ad procrastinating about for way too long, I drove everyone crazy including my surgeon, had I of known what know now I would have chose the 350's. I'm sure you will love your 295's like I love my 330's (anything is better than what we had before) however you will probably say "I could have gone the 330's.
  5. I had twilight for my BA and I loved it, had just a little sedation before going in to the theatre room, I was felt amazing just real "la-di-da-da" it was great. Then I was on the table getting prepped and the nurse said "Ok sweety, just going to give you some more now ok" and 2 secs later... Out like a light. Don't remember a thing afterwards either, or even walking to the car. Only snippets of the drive home and little bits of when I got home. I loved it I have to say, didn't get sick or nauseous so I can't fault twilight
  6. I'm almost 2wks post op with Dr Szalay at Precision Cosmetics Spring Hill. I'm very happy with my results, he has done a fantastic job. I know personally about 5 girls who have been to him and that's how I heard of him, word of mouth which is best. He is like Dr Harwood (who I also had consult with, however he is too conservative) and I got 330cc and he wouldn't even give me that. Thank god I didn't go any smaller, anyway he also does the procedure at his day surgery clinic and under twilight. On the day he was fantastic and so were the nurses. He was very precise in his measurements and for not even 2wks, I can't believe how good they look, very natural. His cost was $7500 and he gives you all the scripts including surgery antibiotics etc so I was out of pocket about $200. There are a lot of girls on here who were patients of him, who I spoke to before and all are very happy. Good luck
  7. I am a Dr Szalay girl and I'm one week post op. I too had a consult with Dr Harwood and loved him but he is very conservative, said 300cc was my max. I ended up choosing Dr Szalay and decided on 330cc in the end so not much difference. One week post op and I am loving my result, I'm a size 6-8 in the ribs and with 330cc I have side boob which so stoked about. Dr Szalay would have given me bigger too but I chose the size in the end, I'm loving them already and they look way better than I expected so early on, just don't want them to get any smaller. If I could do it again I might have gone to 375cc but honestly I'm so happy as they are 100% better than I had before. Anyway, $75 for a consult with him and don't worry, he isn't as chatty or nice as Dr Harwood but on the day he and his nurses were fantastic, I've had a great experience so far and recommend him and his $2000 cheaper which was a bonus but not the deciding factor
  8. I'm one week post op with Dr Szalay. I already love my results, if you can get past that he is a little strange and not chit chatty, but on the day he and the nurses were awesome!! Had a great experience with him and for 1 week post op, I love my results so far so surely will only get better from here He is a cosmetic surgeon though of that matters to you. And yes the fee on his website is correct
  9. Yep perfect. I have the same bra. So comfy!! Although mines a small and I'm not busting out like you.... Wahhh
  10. Hi ladies, I too am an almost 30yr old who still (used to) get break outs. I use a retin-a cream, differin on my skin a few nights a week at bed time, not a pimple insight. I use it as a prevention and it works awesome for me. My dermatologist said it will also help prevent wrinkles etc too
  11. It's so hard not to stress over ever little detail but so many changes over the next few months. Wait and see what your surgeon thinks before you worry yourself. He has a great reputation so I think it will all be fine
  12. I've just posted on a pic too I would post a pic front on too to show that angle. I think it's still very early days
  13. Mine are gurgling too... My nurse said they wash them out with 500mls of antiseptic that your body eventually soaks up and you wee out. So totally normal
  14. Thanks girls, I hope so. Want to upload photos but so hard on an iPhone?? Any tips? Also gosh I hope they get bigger! You just never know what they'll be like until it's all done
  15. Thanks Mollyjo, oh god I hope I've gone big enough like how I feel now I could of went like 375-400! Lol.. I hope they change as much as yours
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