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  1. Dr Sanguan was Dr Narupons mentor for years.
  2. The problem with a seven seater is luggage space when using the third row. I have 4 kids now all teenagers but when they were younger the best car we had was a Landcruiser. Split third row seats room behind for luggage but the worst was petrol consumption. We also had / have pajeros my favourite car but not so great for room behind third row of seats. Actually probably the least. I also had a pathfinder. I loved it. More room than most behind split third row seat. Also had three way split rear seat so gives you lots of options for separating kids when travelling. It's a tough one. The reason I have pajero now is its a great all rounder. Can still fit two teenagers in rear but not for long trips. Was looking at SRT8 beautiful car but not practical. I have a Staffy fur baby who comes every where with me and who wants to wreck a nice interior with dog hair. Hubby said SRT8 no dog inside so I went with Pajero. not as cool but the whole fam can go places plus dog. Hope this helps a bit from someone who has had big family and faced the car problem.
  3. I used Lotus and they were great from the get go. Quick to respond to questions and helpful. Charlie was awesome. He was there for me at all appointments and visited a few times whilst I was in hospital. He contacted me by phone to check in with me and attend my post op appointments with me. There were a couple of ladies at PIAC whilst I was waiting for my appt and there consultants hadn't turned up. Charlie went and checked on them after there surgeries and they weren't even his clients. That's pretty awesome. He was the main reason I would use them again if I went back. Not because I feel I would need a consultant as PIAC is great but because he was like having a friend with you but one that spoke fluent Thai, knows the system and has a medical background himself. Can't go wrong with Lotus in my opinion.
  4. I can definitely recommend Dr Narupon. I had an agent Charlie from Lotus. So glad I did. There was no problem it was just support and piece of mind. He called me, visited me numerous times in hospital and waited with me before all consultations. Oh yeah I was given a mobile with his contact and hospital contacts. Knowing I had a Thai resident ( however he's Irish lol) who spoke the language was comforting and I didn't travel alone ( had mum and daughters) and it wasn't my first trip to Phuket. If I went back for another procedure I would most likely use Lotus again!
  5. I totally had the same experience. Bit late on consult but from then on it was a whirl and yes a requested wee break. Also used credit card and paid in Thai baht. Was explained to me why by Charlie from lotus but can't remember exactly why except cheaper. Good luck Lolos
  6. I had a reduction BL with 400 cc textured round implants with Dr Narupon in May. He is awesome you are in good hands. Good Luck
  7. Hi Mari i researched PIAC and decided that was the hospital I wanted. I then researched companies that book surgeries for Phuket and chose Lotus. From there they got me a few quotes with surgeons. I then went on PIAC website and looked up each surgeon. I was impressed by the fact that Dr Narupon had trained under Dr Sanguan who I originally wanted but Sanguan doesn't do liposuction which I also wanted so I guess that's why I chose Narupon. Totally happy with my decision. I was a 14 E before surgery. I have wide breast width at 15 cm. I got mentor 400 cc implants mod profile as I wanted upper pole fullness but not lots of projection. I think I'm probably a DD now but certainly look like a D. So much happier. Do not worry about quality or standard of PIAC it is amazing. I am so happy I chose to go to Phuket for my surgeries. Good luck
  8. Jaycee

    BL in Phuket

    I had a breast reduction / lift and augmentation with Dr Narupon. He did an amazing job. I think any Dr you go with at PIAC would do a great job. I've not heard a bad story from anyone using PIAC. One thing Charlie from Lotus told me that is a plus for Phuket surgeries is Apparently there are none of the super bugs there like you can get in else where. Not stating this as fact just passing on info he told me. I remember when I was researching surgeons at PIAC on there website Dr Visnu was a specialist in breast reconstruction. If he can rebuild boobs and repair them I'm sure he'd be good at a lift and BA. Any way good luck with your research.
  9. My one piece of advice would be and this is only from my experience only use pain relief if you really need it. I found once I got off it I felt so much better and able to do things. I was on strong pain killers and diazepam at night. I woke in the middle of the night day 3 with a panic attack. Knew there was nothing wrong checked temp checked boobs etc. put it down to drugs. Stopped taking pain relief from that moment and felt so much better. Took my daughter an hour of talking to get me to feel better and able to go back to sleep. Maybe this is just me cause I don't take pain meds often. Not even panadol. Anyway something to think about and like I said this is just advice from my experience
  10. I am now 6 weeks out from my Breast reduction/ lift and augmentation. I have to admit it has been a pretty easy experience. The first three days were uncomfortable but not painful. I had no problems with arm movement. Could put my hair up day two. There was pressure and I would also describe it like milk coming in. Back sleeping has been the worst part by far. There are pulling zapping pains at times but they are irritating not so much painful. I took it easy for first week and was on holidays in Phuket with daughters so I didn't have to do house work get meals make beds etc. all I had to do was relax or shop as much as I wanted. This was part of the reason I chose Phuket. I knew if I was at home I would see things that had to be done and I wouldn't relax. As far as scars from the lift I have been meticulous with hygiene and dressings. Probably way over top but I am protecting these girls. I have been using scagel from thailand it's awesome and also duoderm silicon strips on them alternately. My scars are neat thin and flat. Dr Narupon is amazing. I guess he also specialises in microsurgery so his work should be neat. This was the best thing I've done for me.
  11. I put my cash onto my credit card and then used it. I was told to pay in Thai baht as opposed to AuD dollars as exchange was better that way. The receptionist at PIAC asked what currency I wanted to pay in and Charlie my consultant said use Thai Baht. Saved about 500 dollars.
  12. Not sure about BPH but you definitely can at PIAC.
  13. I went to the hairdresser to have my hair washed day 3 after Breast lift and augmentation whilst in Phuket. Told the ladies what I had done and they were really helpful and helped me lie back and get up at basin. I'm sure the same would be here in Aus. Just let the staff know that you have issues with laying down and getting up and I'm sure they would assist you and make it easier being in the chair that long. I had no probs with pain so I guess I was lucky. Also continued having my hair washed and straightend twice a week even when I got home. Girls at my salon were so great.
  14. I wS also advised of this and had a breast reduction/ lift and implants with Dr Narupon at P iAC. He did an amazing job. At 4 weeks my scars are so fine. I have perky boobs again and my recovery was very easy. 3 days of not doing anything and then day 4 back into it slowly at first. Back to work day 15 and no problems. Good luck with your surgeon but if you haven't made a choice yet consider Dr Narupon. He only works at PIAC though.
  15. I had Dr Narupon for BL and BA and he is great. Very knowledgable and current with the latest techniques. He is young but very experienced. He worked with the head surgeon Dr Sanguan for about 11 years so he was trained by the best. Good choice.
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