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    Dr Moradi 23/05/14
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  1. I agree with Beccygirl80. Although the imaging didn't work for me, as I had a bit of ptosis. I was borderline lift, Dr Moradi advised me to get anatomicals, and I'm happy with the results.
  2. I haven't been on the forum for months, but having lost the weight I gained post op (due to studying and sitting on my arse for months, not the op), I have finally taken a few more progress photos. Anyway, I went to Dr Moradi, and just wanted to say that I'm very pleased with what he's done. I had anatomicals back in May.
  3. So glad to hear it all went well. I found Dr Moradi great too. I'm nearly at the 3 month mark now and loving my results.
  4. No one has asked me yet (7 weeks post op). But, as others have mentioned, winter clothes (and hibernating) could be helping. My children didn't mention anything either, even the 5 year old.
  5. Wow, I've just done a little googling of KP and folliculitis, as I have some bumps on the back of my arms, and your post got me interested in finding out if my bumps are related. You and I have nothing compared to some of the photos I've just seen. :-o Good luck with the GP.
  6. Sorry to hear things aren't improving. I'll send an FR, if you don't mind. I was very happy with my surgeon. He was friendly but professional, and I'm very pleased with the results (I've got pics on my profile). The guy puglover used sounds great. Hopefully you won't need another revision. What a pain.
  7. If the towels option doesn't work you could try lying on your side. I had a massage when pregnant once, and lay on my side/s. It was not as good, but an option.
  8. How exciting making your booking. I got mine done in Sydney, so can't help with those surgeons, but wanted to wish you good luck from a fellow Adelaidian.
  9. I'm glad to hear it all went well for you. I can't imagine how I would manage with four, but it sounds like you had it under control. Well done. I was lucky enough to have my husband take annual leave until I was 10 days post op. I probably could have managed, our 2.5 year old is pretty heavy, but I've been putting her change mat on the floor, and cuddling her on the sofa.
  10. Hey WP, how are you feeling about the left one now? Is it getting better as the days go by? I was considering your surgeon, but cancelled my appointment when I decided on travelling to Sydney.
  11. Glad it all went well for you. I had a quick look at your pics. Looks like he's done a great job. Wishing you a speedy recovery.
  12. Thanks for your advice. I might wait then. I bought a few bras shortly after stopping breast feeding, and my boobs gradually shrank over following months and the bras got baggy, so that was about $160 down the drain.
  13. I understand that you shouldn't wear underwire bras until about the six week mark. But what about buying them before then? There are so many sales on at the moment. I tried on a lovely bra a couple of days ago which fitted very well, but there was quite a lot of upper pole fullness, given I'm yet to D&F. Do you think it's worth buying some now? Will they fit later? Would buying them wuth a little room for growth/filling in the cup be a good idea? Cheers x
  14. I'll pop into FR area and accept. I see you're in ADL, me too :-) Yes, as Lourdes mentioned, and I forgot - your size will make a difference to what's available. I have a pretty wide BWD, so could fit a bit more in.
  15. What sort of look are you aiming for? What cup size? They say that roughly every 100c adds one cup size. I haven't been measured yet, but did have a quick try of a bra yesterday, and have gone from 12/14A to 12/14DD with 440cc. I'm still waiting for the boobs to settle though, so didn't buy the bra (however fantastic it looked!).
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