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  1. I'm not much help, I struggle to think of questions to ask. Question about scarring maybe? Or ask whether he is concerned about any particular aspect of your procedure?
  2. East Sydney Private isn't open yet. Its a new hospital opening in June. Maybe that's why he didn't mention it?
  3. Yes, a referral is needed to get money back. Dr Pincock gave me the choice of 3 hospitals. 2 (bondi j private, east syd private) are tier 2 hospitals so health insurance pays less. The third hospital (Norwest) is fully covered for me so I didn't bother getting a total quote. Plus it depends on how long the surgery takes.
  4. Actually both doctors took photos and did computer imaging with me. So maybe Pincock has changed the way he dos things now? With Dr Marcells, there was a bit of waiting around. Plus his staff took the photos, so that took some time. And after a different staff member went through the quote with me. Dr Marcells's office put through the medicare claim for me. With Dr Pincock I was given a receipt and told I can claim. 75 hours pre-op? I think that must be a typo!
  5. Hi all Given I came here looking for info, I figure its now fair that I share some! I have had consults with Dr Pincock and Dr Marcells in recent weeks. Dr Marcells - consult took 1hr 40min all up but mostly with office staff - Photos etc taken by his assistant - about 40min with the Dr - cost $400, medicare rebate applies - his rooms are modest and a bit rundown (just an observation) - Quote: $11k for Dr Marcells, $1950- 2600 for anaesthetist and about $4k for Bondi Junction Private Hospital. - Marcells was thorough. He talked me through slides showing how he does the operation etc. Dr Pincock -consult only took 40min but entire time was with Pincock. - office is rather flash, like a scene from NipTuck - my perception was that its more about plastic surgery and less about being an ENT - consult costs $250, medicare rebate applies - Quote: $9900. Costs for hospital etc are up to the patient to obtain.
  6. I am curious.... For those wanting rhinoplasty or those who have had it done - how bad is/was your nose? I don't like my nose in profile, it just a bit big and less feminine than I would like. But perusing through surgeon websites looking at before and after pics makes me realise I'm not bad at all! Now I am wondering whether a surgeon would laugh me out of the room for wanting something done!
  7. Hi Alexns No, no consultations yet. To be honest its something I've wanted done for a long time but it was only recently when my husband encouraged me to look into it that I started taking it seriously.
  8. I agree, a 8 month wait for a simple consult seems crazy. Dr Moradi is only booked a few weeks in advance. I also checked with a few others and it seems a few days to a few weeks is more normal.
  9. Interestingly I just got a reply from Dr Nettle's office and it says due to his popularity his next available consultations are in early September!
  10. Oh good! I'm currently not-trying but not-preventing for a baby so a long lead time would make planning a bit difficult! 2-4 months might be doable though.
  11. I've browsed through a few posts on here and it seems the waiting time even to get an initial consultation (with the top surgeons in Sydney) is 9-10 months! Is that about right?
  12. I cant help answer your questions but it is a scary decision to make, isn't it!
  13. I'm in a similar situation, only I'm looking to have procedure for part medical, part cosmedic reasons. So gad to have found this site and to hear all your experiences.
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