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    Dr Tim Brown 3rd April 2014
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  1. I am 4 weeks today and only in the past week has my right nipple eased up on the hurting feeling, left is fine though.
  2. Congratulations on your new boobies:)Enjoy your first shower and keep up with your pain meds, try not to wait until you are in pain, particularly for the first few days. You will experience many, many changes in the days ahead good and not so good and be warned about the post op blues:( Have sent you a FR if that's ok.
  3. As MissC74 said try some gentle walking, getting outside in the fresh air does wonders. One week is not going to do major damage to your hard work so try to go easy on yourself. Try to focus on the reasons for getting boobies, to compliment your gorgeous body that you worked so hard to get
  4. Congrats on your new bobbies, best wishes for a smooth recovery:)
  5. As hanniepie said trust your surgeon.He is a great surgeon from what I read on here and as I think I have said previously he does hundreds of BAs a year and will give you what suits your body and lifestyle. Try to now think of the outcome after the 15th and how excited you will be to have boobs! It is a great feeling and I think we all tend to get a bit hooked up on such small differences between the sizes, if we are talking for instance 350-375 etc and imagine in our heads that it is going to a huge difference if we choose something bigger, it's not, it is minimal. Try to focus on the WHOLE experience of a BA and not just one small thing:) I say roll on the 15th,
  6. I went for a walk this afternoon,in the rain just to get out and get some fresh air, Pumpkin. The heart rate thing was the same as what I was told aswell.
  7. kmk227 you are brave going to work today, how is/did it go? I go back on Monday, only a 5 hr shift and in retail so hopefully it will be ok. I have Tues off and then I only have to work Weds and Thurs 5hr shifts each then off for Easter, fingers crossed all goes well. As far as the exercise I was told that at 6 weeks I could run,can't wait. I will be very slow and cautious I'm sure, and also gym stuff but no exercises where I am using heavy weights or stretching my arms too much. Running is what I miss the most though so roll on 6 weeks:) I have sent you a FR kmk227 if that's ok. Enjoy your nap:)
  8. Congrat hanniepie on washing the hair, I'm day 8 and was thinking about trying tonight but I'm not having a great day today so I don't think I will try. Side boob pain today and odd stabbing pains coming from the side towards the nipple. All part of healing I suppose.
  9. It depends on what job you do Kiwi and I think how far you have to drive to get there.
  10. So sorry to hear you are having a rough time ladylovelylocks. Try looking at some before photos and then look in the mirror at your girls, that has surely got to put a smile on your face.
  11. My nipples like hanniepie began to get the feeling back around day 4/5. Yesterday on day 7 they felt really good. The ice packs work a treat everywhere you can put them. The zooper long icy pole things work really well aswell because as they begin to melt you can sort of mould them around your girls. Try to get some sleep today and rest as much as you can form your girls to heal.
  12. Every family has someone that seems to be different to the rest of the family it seems. I tend to agree with your friend hanniepie, maybe she is jealous of you and your husband. You shouldn't make her unhappiness make you feel that you shouldn't have what you have and worked hard to get. Don't make her make you feel unhappy.
  13. I agree Yellen it is a great forum and helps you so much and does become part of your life.
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