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  1. Hi Perfection, It appears rhino is not much of a priority on this forum. It's either that or people prefer not speak of their rhino procedure/s. What you will find is that there are some '1 post wonders' who are probably employed by surgeons. That is kind of disappointing but when you think about it, it's not all that surprising. It adds to more confusion at a time when you are trying to garner information in order to make an informed decision. It appears Breast Augmentation is way more popular and people are happy to chat about it. I wouldn't know what that is like as I am male lol. If responses are not forthcoming, do not take it personally. I Made a few comments regarding the lack of responses and it was explained to me. Try to be patient and hopefully someone comes through with some info.
  2. I am yet to decide on a surgeon. What are my experiences ? Well I haven't had the surgery so I can't tell you. consultation wise, I really can't tell. Each had different opinions on what can be done. This makes it all the more confusing. Who do I trust do give me the outcome I desire? Attending consultations and relying on experiences/reviews from others is the only way. you would think that would be simple on a forum, it has been the opposite. What you do get are one post one wonders who sign up in order to post one comment and then disappear.
  3. Yes, I have been to 3 consultations with 3 different Surgeon. Surgeons are good at selling themselves. How do I know which surgeon will be the right one for me? Right now I am relying on my gut and REAL and GENUINE reviews from other members.
  4. Hi Lou, mind sharing who your Dr was? Were you happy with the Dr and the outcome?
  5. Hi, You have heard he is the best? From who? I'm not being sarcastic. I really am having difficulty in deciding which doctor to go with. The reason I am on here is to learn and make well informed decision.
  6. Thanks. Big decision coming up. I first had surgery many years ago. I assumed most dr's were well trained and capable. Years down the track, I am agonising over what I hope will be the very last decision I have to make as far as surgery goes.
  7. Has anyone actually had a rhinoplasty with Dr Marcells and willing to share their experience?
  8. Hi Taurus, Have been to see Dr Marcels. Am booked to see Dr Pincock. Would have liked to see Dr Nettle, however the wait is too long. I was considering Dr O'Keefe as well. I have only heard one bad review. I realise that is not a good thing and things happen. However, To write off a Dr because of 1 review?
  9. I agree. Just something quite not right about members vouching for Dr's yet no real examples or experiences. Its unfortunate as I figured a forum would be the ideal way to help others.
  10. Hi Melly, I can understand how you feel to a certain extent. I too require revision, although my case does not sound as serious. This forum can be a little frustrating. Before people get abusive, please hear me out. I find the responses are not forthcoming and on most occasions you are having to repeat the question. I was made aware that the main or most popular topics are breast augmentation. I can understand this. Another concern is that I am finding it difficult to differentiate between genuine responses and those with ulterior motives. I see plenty of names (surgeons) being tossed about, yet when I ask for actual experiences again there is a lack of response. I guess you only tend to hear about surgeries that have gone wrong. I like you went through surgery I was not happy with, and have felt I let myself down by not researching beforehand. You are doing the right thing by asking as many questions of the surgeon as this is the only way you will have the confidence to go ahead. Dont let a bad experience prevent you from achieving your desired outcome. If you would like to chat or even blow off some steam, please don't hesitate to send me a message.
  11. I had no idea. I apologise. Is there a forum in which rhino is more a focus?
  12. It is a little strange that the lines of communication go dead and there are no follow up responses.
  13. Thanks Cosmetic. I will look into those surgeons and alar base reduction. It would be nice to hear from members who have had this procedure on its own.
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