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  1. You look great! I was considering going there. Can I ask what price you paid there?
  2. Did you have other choices for implants or did they only provide the one type? Can I ask where you had your procedure?
  3. How did all you girls go with your surgery? Hope all is well!
  4. Don't quote me on it but I'm pretty sure they are dissolvable stitches? And then at one week you would get your local GP to change your dressings. I'm booked in Jan! How exciting
  5. Can I ask you girls if you are paying the $7700 special they have going on? Was it your choice for over the muscle? Yay for boobs!
  6. Travelling. From Brissy. How about you?
  7. Hi star pocket! I have my consult on the 27th of Jan! But with Dr Lee. Woohoo
  8. Hi millimoo. How did your consults go? Who did you choose? Thanks B
  9. Hi LindyLoo Just wondering if you are going to Ashbury or TCI?
  10. Ohh Silver one week before me! You'll have to let me know how you went and what I can expect Haha. It'll come around so fast!
  11. Hi girls. How did your surgery with Dr Lee go? Are you happy so far? I am booked with him in Jan. Any advice would be great. Would love to hear your journey! B
  12. Yeah that's true. I couldn't get in till late Jan.
  13. If you are travelling interstate to TCI. They usually do consult one day followed by surgery the next day. So back to back!
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