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  1. Apologies for asking a question that has no doubt been asked 508 times, but I’m about 4mpo, and my right boob is great, but the left hasn’t dropped properly yet. Pls tell me this can be normal. Thanks!
  2. I’ve got anatomicals too, currently about 3mpo. At a month post, it sucked. I was still in pain, nipples hurt like hell. All good now though. So, shoulders back, chin up ?
  3. @Wanting boobs, it’s just his standard post op thing. Killing me!!! I don’t care if I never do chest again, but I neeeed to do bi’s and tri’s. In other news, boobs aren’t as sore anymore. Out of post op bra tomorrow, but I won’t be cos time got away and I haven’t bought any!
  4. Sadness! I’m 6wpo tomoz and emailed the surgeon to check when I can do upper body weights and he said not til 12wpo! I feel like I don’t want to listen. Surely that’s crazy conservative!?
  5. @Wanting boobs, I don’t think I’ll ever do chest work again! Honestly, I wouldn’t be fazed if I didn’t do chest presses anymore. I’ll get back to push ups, but that’s about it I think re chest. Yep, I have a few kg to lose too. My abs are pretty much gone and hidden by flab. It’s frickin depressing. My arms were super toned and still ok, but no where near how they were. We’ll get there.
  6. Hey there! I’m doing well @Wanting boobs . I’m almost 6wpo and feeling pretty good - boobs are still pretty sensitive but I think it’s easing. Oh and I’ve had some nipple discharge that seems like colostrum! I’m not too bothered as I’ve got no temp and my boobs are fine but it’s a bit gross ?. Figure it’s something to do with implants and glands or something. Back at the gym doing legs and treadmill and lower abs. Today I did biceps and some tri kickbacks - was so good to work on my arms as I’ve lost a crapload of tone. Boobs still pretty hard but kind of softening up. Kind of....
  7. Hi there, This could be a strange and totally unrelated question but I’m just over 4wpo and my skin has broken out. Tiny little pimple bumps on my chest and on my face. My skin has never been like this so I’m wondering if it’s somwhow related to the BA??
  8. @Wanting boobs, what a crappy day. I’m sure you’ll be fine after a bit of rest. Chin up xx
  9. I’m 4wpo and my nipples are killing me. Even hurts when the water hits them in the shower.
  10. Ohhhh @Wanting boobs even reading that makes me nervous about going back to pump. I feel really anxious about doing the chest track - to the point of thinking i might always skip it.
  11. As the title says, when do I start using cream on my scars? I’m just over 3wpo and I’ve still got that tape stuff over them all the time (changing once a week). When am I supposed to start using the cream? I didn’t ask at my last appt and my next isn’t until about 7wpo.
  12. I’ve still got pain. I think I’m overdoing it too - as in doing everything I did pre surgery (obviously not lifting heavy things though).
  13. Haha @Wanting boobs def don’t cross my arms anymore!!
  14. Drying myself with a towel is hard! My boobs are so sensitive it’s ridiculous. Reaching up is something I struggle with too.
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