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  1. Hi I haven't posted in a while . I had 375cc mentor HP done June 2014 . I can squish my boobs together and they feel soft but if I press them front on they are really firm . I didn't have much breast tissue before but I'm uncomfortable hugging people because they feel so firm . I had an ultrasound done 2 months ago and saw my surgeon who says I have mild cc around both implant but it was normal . He said there was nothing to worry about and to see him again in 2 yrs or if it gets worse come earlier . i guess I always thought they would move more and be softer any one else get worried about hugging or the movement ????
  2. I have seen your earlier posts and understand your dissapointment . Why did your surgeon change implant size ???? I don't think there are rules it's up to your surgeon about costs invovlved . I had revision at 3 mths because I was unhappy with size and it still cost a lot to have them redone . My surgeon didn't charge his fee which was a huge saving . I'm now 9 months post and still woder if I could have gone just that big bigger !!!! Booby greed never goes !!!
  3. They look huge in the bra but once they are in they don't . Don't wear a tight top wear something that you would normally wear to get a good indication .
  4. Target now have an amazing range in wire free bras Glad all went well for you
  5. I still smoked on the morning of surgery I was stressed !!!! My surgeon was ok about it he said try to cut down but not to stress out over it . My surgery was fine and recovery was also fine and I still smoked . You hear the stories and yes if you can stop of course it's better but it's not that easy !!!
  6. The tan coloured one is micropore tape
  7. Good luck it's been a long journey for you hope it all goes well and you get your dream boobs.
  8. After 2 weeks and lack of sleep I slept on my side . You can put a pillow under your boob for support so your not totally on your side . Once you get a good nights sleep everything feels better .
  9. I had 375cc HP 5 months ago with Phil amazing surgeon very happy with results and follow up . Scaring is minimal .
  10. Hi I'm 155cm 46kg I was an A cup I got 375cc high profile and I'm now a 10D/DD . You should go for around 425cc they are not that big once they are in and you get used to them .dont be scared of the numbers make sure you like the size on you .
  11. My surgeon was fine with it he said I had to wait till 3 months . Second time around was sooooo much easier for recovery .
  12. I was 5 weeks and wore the complete comfort bra with the wire . I have 2 they are comfy once you get used to it . Maybe wear it during the day and then crop when you get home .
  13. I got 300cc mod plus and wasn't happy so went back at 3 months and went to 375cc HP . I love them one but def could have pulled off 400cc !!!! I'm only small 46kg 155cm but they look natural
  14. Yeah for you this is how it is supposed to feel . Can't wait to see new pics
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