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    BL & BA
    Currently deflated and saggy D- 300cc HP smooth under muscle
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    Mark Ashton- April 9th

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  1. Hi there, oh yay such an exciting time! I had a BA and lift with Mark Ashton in Melbourne and i recommend him. he does more 'natural' looks, and very open and eays to talk to. doesn't pressure you and centres it all around making sure you are getting what you want/expect. I also went to Dctr Rubinstein however he wasn't confident in doing BA and BL as one breast was slightly constricted on me. I have also heard good things about Dean Trotter however cant speak personally as i did not se him. good luck! let me know if you have any questions- it can be a daunting time!
  2. Hi ladies, I had my boobs done earlier this year, and am needing to conquer a new bathing suit, and am currently having trouble. i am a size 8-10, with DD boobs.. I am having trouble finding anything that fits that isn't just a triangle! any advice?!?! thanks in advance
  3. Hi ladies- so i am another Mark Ashton girl! i had a BL and BA for tuberous breasts. I actually had a check up today (14 weeks PO) and Mark agrees that I need a revision. One boob is perfect but the other is sagging a bit still and the implant is sitting a little bit high. NicNac how did you go with ur revision? what is the recovery time like? x x
  4. hi there- I had both BA and BL done at the same time and it was completly fine! the fact that your surgeon is saying you could lose a nipple makes me question their capability. i would def get a few other opinions. I saw 2 diff surgeons and both said doign combined is fine
  5. i am the same- very impatient. its crazy that I am nine weeks and i feel like i should be healed fully already but it obviously a very slow process. my biggest piece of advice is seriosuly take it easy. the more you rest in the early days the better the healing process will be!!
  6. Hi Mari!you sound very similar situation to me! i am still conquering how to upload photos haha my damn iphone wont load onto the computer. who have you had appointments with mari?
  7. hey there!! how are you? yes all went really well so far so good. how long did you continue with the tape for?
  8. Hi ladies, I am about 8 weeks post op where i had a BL and BA. I know it is all still quite recent but i am starting to feel disheartened about the scarring. does anybody have any advice for helping the scarring? thanks in advace.
  9. Hi blackdiamond, i appreciate the confusion you are going through- i was in your position not too long ago. I also have tuberous breasts, which are also quite restricted at the base, making ti difficult. I had appointments with Craig Rubinstein and Mark Ashton. Both were great, but given the difficulty i felt that mark was much more confident in dealing with 'difficult' and 'abnormal'. I actually saw Craig first and he sent off for medicare approval. Even though i ended up going with mark, medicare and health insurance still covered the item number that medicare approved via craigs letter. it saved alot of money, so make sure you get the surgeon to atke photos and send application off to medicare. I am now at 5.5 weeks and am healing nicely. Mark and his nurses have been amazing through the whole process. have appointments with a few different surgeons and ask many many questions. it is even good to take in photos of what you like, so that you can get an idea for size. Let me know if u want to chat more- i understand its completely confusing and overwhelming!!
  10. madison

    Itchy tits

    oh this made me giggle so much!!! I am about 2 weeks post op for BL & BA... sooo itchy, and also have little pimples!!! I usually have super good skin so this is so unusual for me. My face has also been crazy oily since the operation. Maybe a coincidence or another link.. who knows. I thought my body had just gone completely mad lol makes me feel better that we are all going through it! hopefully pimples and itching leave us all soon!!
  11. hi floss- did you have an implant only? its hard isn't it, not matter how great the surgeon is, and Craig is fantastic, there are still revisions that have to be done. I had a BL & BA at the same time, and apparently 25% need to be revised because it is just so tricky! fingers crossed floss!
  12. hey there- you look fantastic! they have settled in so well I had tubular breasts, and saw multiple surgeons, including Craig and all told me I needed a breast lift. I think it depends on how 'drooped' you are, shape and also the width (i was very constricted which made it difficult) to what you can get away with. I unfortunately got told implants only was not an option as i would have big saggy boobs haha BTW- even though i didn't go with Craig in the end, i think he is amazing and so genuine. had a BL/BA nearly 2 weeks ago so hopefully all works out!!
  13. i was also told no arnica, and to stop all vitamins before surgery. my surgeon said that the body knows exactly how to heal itself, so eat healthy and rest and you will be fin.
  14. everybody sounds like they are having amazing recoveries!! I am 2 weeks tomorrow night. I had surgery late on wednesday 9th- I had horrible nausea post op, and could hardly even eat bread for the first 36 hours. So i stayed an extra night and left on the Friday morning to come home. Its a bazaar feeling having the op- not 'painful' but just alot fo unpleasant and strange feelings. I haven't been on pain meds for a long time now... I had my check up with the nurse on Thursday at 1 week mark, and had my dressings changed. She said I am still quite swollen (even though I had been doing nothing), so I am seeing the nurse again on Thursday and then mark the week after. I returned to work today, and it hurt being on the computer all day. i wonder if i am being a softy, being uber cautious because i had BL & BA (im petrified of worsening the scars from BL), or if its more sensitive and slower recovery because i had lift and implants? We changed the tape last night again (we change the tape every 5 days- the tape helps the stitches flatten and it reduces scarring) and I got a bit upset cos i feel like the healing still looks so raw... My bf 'kindly' reminded me that i got sliced open only 10 days ago so i need to be patient. Hopefully it all heals up well.
  15. Hey Kaycee, I just had a BA/BL at the same time. I think you need to work out if you need a lift. because if u need a lift, an implant is not going to make u happy. I would personally do both procedures together (if you need a lift). I would hate to have to have a second op if i could do it all as one! I agree with tw2506- the piece of mind of not having to go back to get another procedure, and having to go through the cost and the recovery a second time... when i saw surgeons, because they said i needed a lift, an implant would simply mean big saggy boobs.. so an implant alone wouldnt help the overall problem. always good to see a few surgeons to get opinions too!
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