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    Breast Augmentation / Redo - Most Likely Needing Overs
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    TBA - 2015/2016 once final decision is made
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    168cm/57kgs (want to get down to 52kgs again) 6F (Augmented size, 8A Pre)
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  1. Dr Trotr is/was my Surgeon. Not happy at all, one implant is bigger than the other, quiet often sore, moves around a lot more and it's about an inch lower than the other. Dr Higgs I thought was nice but a bit pushy to get me to go with him. He does a lot of overs as it's easier and cheaper.
  2. I went with DR Trott, nothing but problems. Bottomed out with both the first time in March 2013, redo in September 2013 and my left is a bit lower than the right. It also moves around the pocket a lot more than the right. I'm so angry I spent so much money and look horrid. I'll be seeing him again for another chat as he referred me to Dr Rodney Cooter who was just rude in my opinion. Basically said that if anything happens again it's not his fault.
  3. It's incredibly frustrating. I've had two doctors tell me they want the implant on top of the muscle and will build the area up if that makes sense.
  4. I measure a 6F I got there with 385cc's. I wish my back was bigger and my cups were smaller lol. My PS was shocked as we both guessed I'd be about a D......boy were we wrong.
  5. I think it depends on your body. My PS was shocked when I told him I was a 6F.......I only wanted to be a D. I love my cans but it's expensive to buy bras and only specialist stores carry a 6 :-(
  6. Hi all, I'm looking for a redo next year. Unders to overs, hoping for a 425cc range (currently 375cc) and wanting furry brazilian implants. I've bottomed out once both implants and again my left. Has anyone had any success with something like this? I'm pretty small sized in the back. I wear a 6F. Any feedback is appreciated. Also after a PS in Adelaide who can do these but willing to go interstate. I just want to not be in pain anymore.
  7. I get a weird muscle distortion when I flex, my implants go back to their original place but it feels super weird and a bit painful. I've never worked my chest and I don't directly engage my chest muscles now. I'm totally fine with overs but I know I'll be forever in a bra to keep them well supported.......so not much different to now lol. I'll accept your friend request tonight :-D
  8. I stopped training about 2 weeks prior, then stopped cardio a week before. I've never done anything heavy but I think I'm just naturally athletic. Good luck with your BA xox
  9. Hi Ladies, I'm needing a 3rd operation (hopeful this will be my last for a long time) for bottoming out breast implants, pecs are too strong. I'm 168cm tall and currently weigh 58kgs looking to drop another 5kgs and hoping to have a 15% Body Fat. One PS has said I need my implants over the muscle. Will I be able to weight train with overs more comfortably and will I have that round fake look which I like? I'm looking at having my 3rd op next year with a potential to upgrade (6F isn't big enough for me), providing my PS of choice will allow it.
  10. I've been told by my original PS that Dr Peter Sylaidis is quiet good. I was very luck to have perfectly symmetrical breasts (with that perfect triangle measurement they do). I just want to be informed as much as possible. I've had 2 surgeries in 11 months so this time round I want to be super prepared! I will not go for the cheapest quote, I just really want this fixed. Thanks for the reply.
  11. Hi all. I need my 385ccs redone for the third time, my pecs are forcing my implants down and Dr Rodney Cooter has suggested we change to overs and order a set of 360ccs incase my current implants are unsuitable (Dr Cooter was not my original PS). I actually want to go bigger if I can. Can someone please recommend a truly fantastic PS, I'm so over seeing others with amazing results and mine being average despite always looking after myself pre and post surgery.
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