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  1. TCI is amazing! Dr Tang did wonders for me. Borderline, Dual Plane, 520cc TSF/HP, One crease lowered. Was a deflated B, now a E/F
  2. Hi Ladies, So this is a bit late, and I haven't been hugely active on here, posting. However I wanted to share my experience with The Cosmetic Institude at Parramatta, with Dr Tang as my surgeon. I booked and paid for my surgery back in Feb this year, with 13 days between my consult and surgery. In this time, I researched like crazy to find out all the smaller details, risks, considerations, and stared at more pictures of boobs than a teenage boy. I measured my BWD and got 15cm, and then figured that couldn't be right since all the lovely ladies I had been looking at were about the 13cm mark, so I re did it and got 13.5cm. Looking up the brand of the implants range, I decided that 390cc mod plus would be great, and give me about a DD. Perfect! I told a couple of friends, in particular, someone that has had a consult for a 'mummy' makeover that included her boobs - I thought she would be more supportive since she would know something about it all. Instead, a lot of the feedback I got back was "Don't go bigger than a full C to maybe a D, or you'll look silly" - Before my surgery, I used to wear a 10B/12C bra, mostly to hold the skin up. I found this really unhelpful and I kept trying to explain that implants don't sit the same way that natural tissue does and that a full C/D would be nothing on me, but it fell on deaf ears. I really reconsidered taking my friend, however I bit the bullet and thought maybe I'd just ask her to wait till I had the sizers in, before she came into the consult. Once we got th Sydney, I'd heard the whole...no more than a C/D comment half a dozen times and felt a bit nervous, but once we got to TCI, I felt like I was in good hands. It helped that I was on my BA instagram account and my friend kept pointing out some awesome boobs, all in the 420cc range and so she changed her mind to think about 390cc on me (how lovely of her). The staff are very friendly and once I got to meet with Dr Tang, I knew I'd picked the right Doctor for me. In the consult, Dr Tang discussed with me about what I wanted to achieve. I asked for cleavage and side boob, I wanted to fill up the skin and was concerned that I was borderline. (I had sent through photos to check this with TCI, because I was paranoid about it), Dr Tang confirmed that I did have slight ptosis, but it wouldn't be a problem. He then measured my BWD and got 15cm!! I knew right away that I wouldn't be getting 390cc, but I wasn't sure what would be on offer. Dr Tang did state that it was quite a broad chest for someone who is half Asian, and I added that I still need to lose 8 or so kg's, which he agreed and that it might change my BWD by 1/2cm but nothing really overly to be concerned about. I asked him about Dual Plane, and he agreed that this would be good for me and explained that all 'under the muscle' BA's are Dual Plane I, however I would be getting Dual Plane II or III. My friend, who never really noticed the state of my boobs, remarked that they looked like they had been shoved in a mammogram half a dozen times and dragged out slowly...Now she was beginning to see why I wanted this so badly for myself. Then I tried on the sizers and he gave me 390cc and said that while this was a size, I wouldn't be offered this...my friend then said that I needed to go bigger, to be in proportion. Dr Tang gave me 420cc and again said that this wouldn't be on offer to me and my friend piped up and said..bigger. 460cc...and this was the lowest he would reccommend to me and the largest sizer he had. Still too small and this was coming from my friend! Dr Tang then placed a 460cc, 520cc and then 600cc implant in front of me. I immediately took the 600cc off the table as this was too large for me. I'm only 5'2, I don't need to feel like a walking pair of boobs. After a bit of umm'ing and ahhh'ing, I decided to go with Dr Tang's recommendation of 520cc's in HP, dual plane and with one crease to be lowered. I asked about being slightly uneven, however Dr Tang explained that there was little point in going two different sizes in my case as once they are filled out, it would be less noticeable and I run the risk of the opposite being smaller and I'd never be perfect...all women are slightly asymmetrical. Dr Tang explained the operation and the risks that go with it and then I was taken into a room with the lovely Jess Morada, and she explained all the pre surgery information and booked me in. I requested to be first of the day, and unless someone had a medical reason, then that wouldn't be a problem. I left there, feeling really great but nervous about the size. I had never expected to go up that big and it made me a bit nervous. Dr Tang said that it would be about 3.5 cup sizes larger than what I am now and that I looked like a B cup. So pushing into an E. The 13 days of waiting...were hell. Work sucked to the point that I almost cancelled my surgery, but my boss told me that I was not allowed to cancel and that work could wait. I started seriously looking at the size of the 520cc girls and worried that I would be too big and should I go down to the 460cc. But I decided to stick with what was suggested since Dr Tang does this all day, and I just stare at mine all the time. Three days leading up into the surgery, I just became super calm and not worried about it at all. Even the morning off, I wasn’t worried about the surgery. I couldn’t have been less stressed. I wore tracksuit pants, undies and a zip up hoodie along with my thongs. Got there at 8AM, filled through some confirmation paperwork with ID etc and then went into the Pre Surgery area, got changed and was given a disposable pair of undies. My things were taken and put into a locker. I spoke with the Anaesthetist’s nurse and then the Anaesthetist before Dr Tang came in and took photos and drew all over my chest. I asked him again about the two different sizes and he reassured me that it would be fine. After that, I was taken through to the operating room and I hopped up on the bed. Put my arms out while they attached all the bits and pieces, heard a cool piece of music come on, made a comment about it and was out like a light. I remember waking up in the bed briefly and then next thing I remember, I was in the chair with the heated blanket you get to take home. Apparently I wouldn’t wake up. I was pretty spaced out, my carer came in and I kept looking around and then down at my chest and remarking ‘boobs’…I also told Dr Tang I loved him…a lot. The trip home was fine, and I don’t remember talking to a good friend of mine for 20mins, at all. Once we got back to my dad’s place (Staying there overnight before driving home the next day), I slept a fair bit. It felt like a small elephant sitting on my chest and my breathing was shallow but very little pain. The only pain that I can say that actually hurt was on my right side, if I stood for too long (which was about 10mins or more), I got a stabbing pain where the incision was and I needed to sit back down. As soon as I sat down, the pain would go. I slept in the chair that night with the ottoman, because it was comfortable and ensured that I kept my fluids up and I set alarms to take my antibiotics at 6am/pm and 12am/pm. The following day, I travelled 2 hours north of Sydney and spent the day lying around, and finally took a shower in the afternoon. I was terrified of taking off my post op bra, however when I did, and got to see them, I was pretty damn happy. I needed my carer to dry me carefully though and help me dress. I also squeaked when I laughed, because I couldn’t get enough of a breath in, to laugh. Much to my carer’s amusement. The second day, I showered very carefully by myself and I also needed to pick up my daughter in the evening. From here on out, I was at home on my own with her. I did have help if I needed to, just a call away. I did a lot of meal prep beforehand, 13 days’ worth for both her and me and made her school lunches for 10 days in advance. I had prepped the couch up for myself, as I knew it would be way more comfortable than my bed and I would be able to get up and down on my own off it, along with not roll over. I drove, very carefully, day 3 in the morning 5 minutes up the road to drop my daughter to Before School Care and picked her up in the afternoon (and continued to do this each day). Otherwise I spent my day at home, resting on the couch and sleeping a lot. Still shallow breathing and hard to breath, this went away for me on Day 4 and I didn’t feel so exhausted from the lack of oxygen in my body. I lifted my arms above my head and washed my hair on Day 5, on my own. I still had the pain on the right side at the incision, but this was often relived by sitting down or lifting the post op bra off that bit. That was the side that had the crease lowered, so I think it might have been the pressure of the implant on a new crease. I was off all pain meds on Day 3 and only took them Day 2 and Day 3 for travelling in the car, as a precaution. I am aware that I have had a breeze of a recovery compared to some girls. I have done what I felt that I could do and worked hard not to push myself. I attended an event 8 days PO and felt fantastic. Now I am 5 weeks and 2 days PO, and wearing a strap to help them drop as they are still very high. I have gone into Bras’n’Things and fit into a 10F bra, but they still need to drop and fluff a lot. This has been a fantastic experience for me, and even if I had a lot of pain, it is worth my self-confidence and really loving my body. I can see why some girls feel that they are small, as I have days where I think that too – but I look back at my pre op photos and remember what they used to be and can truly appreciate what I have now. I am motivated now to get fit, which I was before – but now, that is tenfold. It has been the best investment I’ve made on myself, and while I found it hard to justify ever spending a serious amount of $$ on myself, since I am a single working mother, I would do it again if I needed to. I work hard to provide for myself and for my daughter and while there are other things I could have spent the money on…my sense of feeling like a woman, doesn’t have a price on it. TCI has been a fantastic experience, and I would recommend Dr Tang to anyone. I would also recommend doing as much research as you can, so that you don’t go in clueless and to remember that essentially the BA won’t make them look like a 20 something no kids BA if you aren’t that to start with. But it’s one hell of a lot better than what was there to begin with!
  3. Yes they do =) All depends on what the Dr recommends
  4. I'm booked for May - just! 30th with Dr Tang at TCI. With my consult on the 17th of May. Can't wait to hear the results from the lovely ladies going before me!
  5. Just wondering if Dr Tang does Dual Plane and if it costs more at all, I have already paid TCI and I asked the question and was told it will be discussed in my consultation. I'm pretty sure that I want to go dual plane and if he doesn't do them, then I would like to look at changing Dr's if I need to. Has anyone had Dual Plane by Dr Tang at all? Thanks!
  6. Hi Girls! Just wanted to share that I'm booked in for my Consult and Surgery all for May! Consult on the 17th of May and then Surgery on the 30th with Dr. Tang and I am super super excited!!!! The only downside has been MacCredit - the finance has finally come through after almost two weeks of waiting. Anna from MacCredit was atrocious to the point that I rang and made a complaint about her and had Nicole take over. The lack of communication was the biggest problem. I would suggest that if you want to get finance, just go through your bank and get a personal loan - it's the same thing and save yourself the $300 fee that MacCredit charge you with and it's done in a lot less time. I was stressed I would lose my dates that work would prefer I have etc. But all that aside, I'm ready to go and madly reading everything! If any of the girls that have gone to Dr. Tang don't mind a FR, please let me know! Thanks! EA
  7. I'm booked with Dr Tang for the 30th of May! Very keen!
  8. Hi ashleigh knight I am a bit worried that this will be what I am told as well. Did you just send through your photos with an inquiry to TCI? Love to hear how things go for you! EA
  9. Hi everyone! Quick question - I figure someone here might be able to answer this rather than annoy TCI a million times. Did getting Brazilians through TCI cost more and if so...how much more? I'm very tempted to consider them as an option, I'm just not sure how they feel in comparison to someone with Textured (which I have someone willing to let me grope them to find out). Thanks! EA
  10. Hi Brook, My boss' friend has had a consult with Dr Qwok and is booked in to have her BA in April. She was super happy with him - she does have the $$ to go Plastic Surgeon over a Cosmetic Surgeon but was so pleased with the consult etc that she booked in with him right away and could have gotten in sooner but picked April because she needs to get some annual leave together first. I hope someone on here can help you some more =) EA
  11. Happy Birthday! I'm keen to see how you and LadyLovelyLocks both go, as I'm looking to see Dr Tang and I'm think about 360, 390HP. I don't want to look out of proportion! Good luck girls! EA
  12. Hi Ladies, Thanks for the all the bits of information! Much appreciated EA
  13. Thank you for this Journal, Lover..I'm looking to book in with Dr Tang!
  14. Thank you so much for your replies so far of those going and those that have gone! I am very grateful to the first hand information - and the offers to show me pics of progress...it is a huge help. I have to admit, I'm having boobie overload from trying to get an idea of what I would like. Anyone with Brazilian's from TCI....how natural are they feeling?! I'm not sure which I want..textured or fuzzy....more concerned about how they will feel after 6 to 12 months. Thanks again and I look forward to reading more replies!
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