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  1. Anyone get pains this far out of surgery? I'm now 12 weeks but still sleep in my post op bra and wear a sports bra for support a lot. Ive started having pains mostly in my right breast. It's very sharp and gets real strong and then fades off. I have all my feeling back and it doesn't feel like nerve pain. Anyone else had similar?
  2. It's like if I lift my boobs with my hands I feel movement on the inside. I dunno it's so weird
  3. Almost 8 weeks here. Anyone feel the implants rubbing? Like over the muscles or something? It happens when I stuff em in a bra or lean over. Feels awful.
  4. @maybenewboobies thanks ? I got a bras n things underwire free one that's amazing and I wear it every day I just find it doesn't pull in enough, support wise if that makes sense. I found a good Nike one but not sure on the size. A 34DD was a bit snug but next sz up was too big so if I change size I might waste $100+
  5. Hi all. Just over 5 weeks and all is going great so far. Almost back to normal life. Finally started physio for my screwy shoulder, he reckons surgery just made it so much worse so going to be a long process but hopefully will be great soon boobs still high and hard with occasion zaps but righty is starting to drop and I can side sleep again (woohoo). So far noone that doesn't know has not noticed them but The warmer weather has me having them out a bit more so will see how that goes. Move attached my scar pics at 5 weeks and a clothed shot. On the lookout for an awesome sports bra for work so any recommendations welcome, although I will be going to "storm on a D cup" on my return to dr M next month
  6. I had a hard and long recovery but at 16 days went to a wedding with a tiny bra and got so drunk I vomited all night. I let loose coz for a few hrs I was pain free. Dont recommend as I was so sick and then pain came back for ages.
  7. We are a fair amount in front of our mortgage and hubby has had a few bonus' so 2 years ago we did the belly and this yr we did the boobs. Just took it from the house and pretend it didn't happen.
  8. 4 weeks today. Made it through the first 12hr shift at work but having some severe nerve pain in my right nipple. They are both still super hard and havnt dropped much.
  9. I just posted about exercise. I'm no where near gym time but been trying to up my walking/cardio but had to cut it short today due to chest pressure/discomfort. Feels weird. Although maybe it's just the acai bowl I had for lunch repeating on me.
  10. So I'm 4 weeks tomorrow (450 implants with internal bra, no lift) and back to work. I've been walking but yesterday I decided to try up it a bit and did a bit of dance/walking to music at home to up intensity and get some steps in. Was fine. Tried again today and after 20 mins I felt very breathless so stopped and now when I walk around I have chest pressure and a bit of side pulling. Is this normal coming back to exercise? I get heart palps a lot and had heart checks in the pasta so not too worried about that kind of thing.
  11. I'm itching like crazy in bed at night. I thought it was the cream I was using but it's still going and I've stopped using it. It's like a million ants crawling under my boobs! im looking forward to doing more than just walking. It's my last day off tomorrow and fingers crossed I can get through the 12hr shifts again.
  12. It's gone very quiet in here now we are all on the other side. I'm 4 weeks on Thursday. Had tapes off at Dr Ms clinic last week and the nurse says they look great but still a lot of swelling to go. The other day I thought I was going to go mad with the nerve tingling and shooting it was so bad! Been so much better since. Last night I had itching around the incisions, I iced them for a few hrs and it went away. This morning I woke up on my left side! I couldn't believe it. And with no pain. I cannot move my neck to the right at all so must of strained it, prob from not side sleeping for almost a month. I still havnt really dropped much at all so waiting waiting for that to happen. Also keen to get exercising. I lost weight with the Gastro/alcohol combo but it's all back now plus more. I'm 4kg heavier than surgery day, granted 1kg is my new boobies but still.... hope everyone else is well.
  13. I saw my surgeons nurse today to have my tapes off and she said the stinging/burning etc was normal and good and could last months. Also said to keep touching them as it helps bring sensation back. I havnt been as the hurt too much.
  14. @Myturn I have the tingling/stinging. It's awful. I jump when I accidentally graze my nipples the sting so bad. Today just wearing clothes drove me to near tears and my back has started playing up again. I had the internal bra done and I have pain right ontop of my ribs that pulls. I have no idea when it stops. Hopefully soon. I'm back to work in 9 days
  15. How long before your feeling returned? I'm 2.5 weeks out and one nipple is numb still and the other hurts like hell to touch. The whole breasts sting to the touch.
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