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    Booked in for 7th April with Dr Val at TCI
    360cc left breast, 390cc right breast, under the muscle, round high profile
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    Dr Val, 7th April 2014
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    164cm, 59kg, currently 10B

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  1. Ahhh hun, that sucks and you are not overreacting at all. I would feel exactly the same way if I was in that situation. I think you should just be honest with him, (be prepared of a potential fight), and let him know how it makes you feel and you don’t appreciate it. Guys just sometimes don’t understand until you say to them, ‘what if the situation was reversed’, I’m sure as hell he wouldn’t like you messaging an ex like that. The only thing is, is he okay with you going into his FB? As that could be a whole other ball game.
  2. Hi Mon, I had slight asymmetary in my boobs so that's why we went two different sizes to try and fix that a bit. My left is still sitting a little bit lower though but that's okay, no one will ever have perfect symmetrical boobs!

  3. Hi kmk227! Just looking at your stats which are similar to mine! I love your results and am hoping for something similar. I'm booked in to dr Richardson in brisbane in July - just wondering why you needed two different sized impants? Your before pics don't look like u would need it..!! Thanks Mon

  4. Hanniepie - I'm with you! I haven't come off the pill but my skin is disgusting lately and I just can't fix it. Is akamin suitable for something like mine? I know they say the chin area is mainly hormonal, but it's been like this for a while now
  5. Hi blissful! Where are you having your surgery? I was local to my surgeon (had mine done at TCI Parramatta) so was able to go in for my 1 week check. At the 1 week check, my tape on my incisions was changed, and they showed me how to massage and took photos. For those that live far away, I know they definitely allow you to go to your local GP and possibly just send your surgeon photos so they can see how they are looking. Just double check with your PS their processes
  6. You definitely can! I took a couple of tight singlets - white and black, to get a feel for what they'd look like. Plus I took a sports bra that I currently wear so I'd know how they'll look for the gym.
  7. He was very comfortable using that size and don't forget, your size will also depend on your BWD. I wanted a really natural look and I'm quite active as well (gym, basketball, kickboxing) and at my original consult, we decided on 330/360. I was then having doubts that I'd chosen too small and went back for a second consult and he was more than happy to go bigger when I said I wanted to. My BWD is only 11.5 though so I'm pretty sure 390 was the biggest I could go. I may have been able to push to 420 but I'm happy with my size (most days... some days I get boob greed haha) Dr Val is quite nice to look at too lol
  8. Hi Dreamerxox! I'm 8 weeks post op with Dr Val and I love, love LOVE him and my results. I have some pics in my profile so feel free to check them out. I went from a deflated B (I probably could've worn an A now that I think about it haha) to a beautiful DD. I used to have naturally large breasts so had a bit of breast tissue to work with. I love my girls and Dr Val was amazing and so kind and gentle. That being said, no matter who you go with at TCI, you are in good hands.
  9. Hi etak1995. I had my BA done at TCI with Dr Val and I cannot fault him or the company. There are also plenty of ladies on this forum who have gone through TCI and have had an excellent experience and results. I have pics in my profile if you want to see some of Dr Val's work but I honestly think you are in great hands at TCI. I hope oped some other girls post here to ease your worries
  10. Hi Lange! i had Dr Val at TCI and he was amazing - cannot fault him one bit. I have a few pics in my profile so check them out. He was so thorough, caring and gentle and after my initial consult, I questioned my chosen size so he let me come back before my surgery and get re measured and pretty much have another consult! I was 6 weeks post on Monday and all is going well. all the staff are amazing, friendly and professional. I had my surgery at 11.30am and was home by 4.30pm and had a great recovery. Feel free to msg me if you want to know more
  11. I think the hardest thing is that everyone is different! I only had a BA, had it on a Monday and was back to my office job on the Friday (I prob could've had this day off too but I was okay). I recovered well, my husband looked after me and he was worried as I was sook when I got my wisdom teeth out so he thought I'd be the same. I was up and moving properly by the Wednesday and taking work calls and what not. I stayed by myself Thursday and yeah, back to work Fri. I only took endone for 1 day and just the normal pain meds besides that. I handle GA and all that quite we'll though, I was out of my chair 30 mins after I woke up on surgery day. Everyone is is diff and I'd trust your PS. The more you look after yourself prior to surgery, (exercise, healthy eating etc), the quicker you will bounce back
  12. I have a nude and white maternity bra and they are so comfy! Easy to pop the boob out too if they need a breather, it's my new party trick
  13. I'm 5 weeks post op and I've been sort of sleeping on my side at some points throughout the night. Not my whole body on its side, but my torso twisted a little bit. Some mornings I do wake up a bit sore though
  14. I was only home for 4 days before I was back to work, (naughty me), and I spent most of my time watching movies or TV shows, sleeping, and looking at my boobies
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