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  1. I used all those things! also I took a travel pillow, antibacterial wipes (especially handy for long flights), spare sports bra with no underwire in the size I wanted, button up shirts, stretchy/easy to pull on shorts and skirts (it was surprisingly hard to do buttons on your jeans up). If you ask the doctor the will give you spare waterproof bandages & also ask for spare alcohol wipes! they worked really well to get all the marker pen off. Also I had trouble getting to sleep (side sleeper) if your the same mention it to the doctor at follow up appointment so you can get a script
  2. Bec I was fine to visit the tigers after my ba at day 4. PIAC even will drop you there after your follow up appointment if you ask I'd do ride a tuk tuk, phi phi islands, james bond and ride an elephant all too bumpy post op
  3. I had mine done at piac and they made sure to check I had nothing my nails at all
  4. I went through somnio and they were really helpful. Explained the whole process while I waited for my consult came and checked on me post and pre op and offered advise on what I could do tour wise.
  5. Hi would also be interested in What everyone packed for after surgery or what did you wish you'd taken? One week too go and I've packed nothing :/ also what activities did you do there after surgery?
  6. Start of march I will be back in australia on the 15th
  7. I'm at the start of March with dr Rushapol so I will let you know I've heard good things about both of them
  8. Hey babes all good have accepted you FR .. Feel free to go thru pics :)!

  9. Hi just sent you a fr thanks for your help. Im new and pretty much the same build as you and want the same size post op if you dont mind could I see your results

  10. Hi thanks for responding I'm getting pretty excited. How long after the surgery before you could do a bit of sightseeing? I'd hate for my boyfriend to be sitting around bored the whole trip :/
  11. Hi Off to Phuket in March for 12 days wanted some advice and feedback. I'm happy with dr rushapols initial recommendation. But wanted to see if anyone has had him as a surgeon and could share their experiences? Also in terms of holiday activities how long before you felt ok to do the holiday side of things like SHOPPING? Sightseeing? Also anyone one that took there partners with them could they come to hospital with you? And we're they informed after surgery had finished? Many Thanks NinaB
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