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    BA to be done in June
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    Dr Harwood - 13th June
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  1. Hey hun i got your pm but it wouldnt let me reply. I just wanted to say congrats on the new assets and so glad it went well xxx
  2. Thanks for sharing! Im going to do some shopping haha
  3. Hi there I am very similar stats to you and I went with 380cc doc said it was a very tight fit. Stats in my signature
  4. My swelling was gone after a week but i didnt have drains
  5. Hey Mrs S i am similar stats to you. I went with 380cc though. I have pics on my profile, just flick me a FR if you want to see
  6. I'd love to know the answer to this too haha I was measured 1 week post op then again at 2.5 weeks and they were bigger lol not that I'm complaining
  7. Hey Bee hope you don't mind but I'm sending you a FR! I know what you mean with the recovery time I was amazed at how quick I recovered!! Yeah I got measured as an DD or small E then got resized to and F haha I was like are you for real!! I'm sure the same thing will happen to you! Xoxo
  8. Dr H told me the same thing. I was stoked though haha I literally left my appointment and went bra shopping
  9. Went to bras in paradise today and they say I'm a 6F or 8E haha damn these sizes are confusing!
  10. I went to a cosmetic surgeon and am very happy with my decision however they cannot do lifts so you would need to see a plastic surgeon
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