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    Breast Augmentation.

    275cc left / 300cc right, round, high profile, under muscle, crease incision
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    Dr. Chatpong. Feb 25th, 2015
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    163cm 48kg 10A
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  1. It's still early days. They'll drop more. And don't worry if theyre uneven at the moment, they'll heal and drop at seperate rates. Although they'll never be perfectly even, but the difference is barely noticeable. I wouldn't have picked it out if you hadn't pointed it out.
  2. Hey. I went through cosmeditours. I had my BA with Dr Chatpong. I found cosmeditours to be great. The whole process was really smooth for me. And all the staff & nurses at the hospital were great.
  3. The company I went through sent me a link to do a review and asked to send photos, but they emphasised it was all optional etc To do it via text in a demanding way is weird and unprofessional
  4. I have the same issue, left has dropped nicely, but right won't seem to budge. 3 moths PO
  5. Thanks ladies. It makes me feel better that I'm not the only one with this issue!
  6. Does anyone else find their boobs look odd/weird/not good in photos?? When I look forward in the mirror I'm very happy with them, one still needs to drop more and is still a lil bit smaller (only slightly), but when I take a photo it looks way more noticeable that it's smaller & higher! Also did anyone else notice a big gap in dropping times of each breast. Left dropped pretty much straight away, right has dropped slightly but not as much as left. 3 months PO on Wednesday.
  7. If you get a travel money card in Thai Baht when you load money onto it the exchange rate is locked in. Most banks have their own now. I've found the commonwealth bank one to have the lowest fees and I find their exchange rate is usually one of the better ones of the banks. You can use the card in ATMs or as a debit card while overseas
  8. I stopped chest exercises about 2 months pre op, and did lots of chest streches. I think my recovery has been pretty smooth and going pretty well. It's hard to know if that helped but I like to think it did! I also started using bio oil everyday 1 month pre op
  9. My friend has hers with Dr Chatpong at Bangpakok9 international hospital. It looks great! She went through cosmeditours
  10. I had a great experience with them! My rep emailed me heaps while I was there & called a few times since I been back to see how I've been going! And Mustee in Bangkok was so lovely and helpful!
  11. I started using bio oil from a month pre op. I don't have any stretch makes
  12. I used cosmeditours. They were great. They do group tours to.
  13. i was a 10A pre op and aiming for a C cup. With 300cc implants. I got a medium carefix Anna and a small cotton on body zip front crop. And they both fit really well post op. Go off your underbust measurement. As it needs to fit well there so its supportive.
  14. I've flown with air asia plenty of times and never had any problems. I don't eat airplane food anyway, so I just take a couple protein bars with me and load my iPad ip with stuff to watch. You can also add baggage on.
  15. Mine are textured and I was told to massage. It's so confusing with every dr suggesting different stuff! Mine are starting to soften up nicely, righty is still a bit harder but it's slowly catching up. I posted some new photos up
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