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  1. I'm 8 days PO and still on panadenine fort but just one of those and one panadol twice a day. And Valium at night. I'm still pretty sore.
  2. I had so much swelling on my lats I looked like a body builder! And such a sore back! This is today though ?
  3. I think it depends why you are getting the revision.... Is it for a size change or to fix medical issues? I had a revision last week with Dr Miroshnik and stayed overnight due to having a huge amount of work done including removal of the old capsule, building a new capsule and an internal bra, as well as type and size of implant exchange. So I was happy to have stayed in over night and have the nurses there to help me and make sure if had all my meds on time etc... For a straight size change I think it wouldn't be so necessary to stay overnight as long as you have someone to care for you when
  4. Hi @BoobieJ i haven't been on the forum for about 4 days as they thought I was spam and booted me off the site with no explanation! Finally I have convinced them I'm a bona fide BA patient and have let me back on. Weird. Anyway I was hoping to see your album as I think we had surgery the same day? 1st July? I'm not sure how I can see you album. Hope you are feeling well, mine was a revision ... Pretty much a reconstruction actually so I'm still in a fair amount of pain
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