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  1. It's 130,000 Thai baht which is $4660 and if you go over 500cc it's a extra 5000 Thai baht. That's for Dual plane which he highly recommends I'm loving my boobs
  2. Hahaha fab that's what I was hoping you would say keep me posted on your recovery xx cheers
  3. Congrats Melsy-melb I'm very happy for you! X How exciting I bet you can't wait to meet ur girls what size did u go and was Dr Rushapol happy to go the size you wanted? I want to go around 500-550 mod plus hope I get them lol
  4. Wog girl


    No worries yeah it's great hey! Good luck
  5. Wog girl


    He will have a fold out bed
  6. Eeeeeeek how exciting soooooo happy for you chick!! I've got 3 days (Sunday) to go myself
  7. I'm getting me boobs done on Sunday and I'm not aloud acrylics or nail polish good luck xx:)
  8. Thanks girls is there anything that u wished you brought with you the day of surgury? Or to help with your recovery?
  9. I'm sooooo excited I'm have my breast Augmentation on Sunday at 9:30 with Dr Rushapol.. Bring on the Boobies yayyyyyyyyyyy : )
  10. Awesome!! I can't wait to go shopping with my new twins shopping will be so much better lol
  11. Im going to get one at the hospital and I just got a couple of sports bras from Kmart
  12. Yayy DaisyDuke on your confirmed booking good luck xx
  13. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy . still can't believe we are going to get some new boobies in a weeks time :-0
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