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  1. So did ur friend get ba? If so why did that not make u go with him? I'm hoping I have made the right decision? How jch is Dr stadwick for ba?
  2. Hi OK I have had my consult with Phil richardson and paul belt and have chosen Dr Paul belt he was very honest, friendly and proeffional and I didn't have to ask a 1000 questions to get answers from him. He basically answered all my questions before I even asked them. I'm booked in for June 4th and was recommended 375cc with both Dr`s but hoping IIt doesn't make me too big. Has any one had their BA done with paul belt and are you happy with what you got and any other feedback you can give. Thanks heaps.
  3. Hi I'm UN the same boat j have sent fr if you don't mind. I'm booked in on the June 4 for ba only hoping I don't regret it.
  4. I saw him and Dr belt and I'm booked with Dr belt for June 4th. I felt I only got answers by asking questions rather than being told prior to asking with Phil where Dr belt told me soo much and I no longer had to ask him the questions I had as he answered just in conversation. He has great results and I believe I made the right choice in surgeons he also told me if I went to a 400 it could cause risks in the future but Phil didn't say anything.
  5. Well I had my consult with Dr belt and I recommend him a lot. He was very informative, friendly and honest. I have booked in with him for the 23/6. I felt Dr Richardson was too laid back and wanted me to ask questions to get the answers but Dr belt answered a lot of questions prior to me even asking and explained future complications if I go to big etc. I prefer a Dr to tell me more before questions I ask rather than getting answers only to questions I asked. As everyone knows u always think of more questions when u leave. Dr belt also explained why G.A is sooo much safer than twilight and also said if his wife were in the same boat she would only get G.A. yes u pay more for a anethasist but they monitor so much better rather than a nurse. If h get twilight make sure u ask if they use oxygen while under as I know a nurse who has worked with a particular surgeon and even though he does awesome jobs and everyone knows him she said she would never use him as he doesn't use oxygen during twilight and can be very dangerous.
  6. Hi lisa again did u by any chance know of Dr broadhurst and did u think about going to him or u had urs set on the 3 surgeons?
  7. Hi Lisa What did dr belt recommend cc wise as I'm thinking what Richardson recommended might be a lil big which is why I'm getting another consult but to also confirm I don't need a lift and I can get close to what I want. I know I can't get the big perky boobs unless I get a lift but I'm just after some lift with fuller boobs as I'm a deflated b too do yoiu have a picture? I don't sorry I haven't uploaded one yet. Can you send me a fr. Thanks
  8. Hi I had my consult with Dr Richardson and he seemed good he said I didn't need a lift either and recommended moderate 375cc but I'm thinking it's a lol big. I have my consult with Dr belt next Fri and am now thinking of having consult with Dr broadhurst don't know yet.
  9. Hi Taintedbass, I was told by Dr Harwood that I'm requiring a lift if I was great result, so I have asked him to give me referrals to a few surgeons. This Wednesday I have a appt with Dr Phil Richardson, friends have had ba's with him and great results also highly recommended. I'll let u know what his like after. j also have a appt booked with Dr belt on the 22/4 then I might also book in with Dr stradwick depending how I go with the appt prior.
  10. Hi Can you please fr me so I can see as I'm in the same boat. Who do you use and how much was it. Thanks
  11. Hi renkim was the price for lift and ba or just ba. Thanks can u fr me please.
  12. Hi kashka how are you. Did Dr Harwood referr you to Dr alys saylor in the valley or who did he referr you too. Also how much did it cost and how much from Medicare did u get back thanks.
  13. hi,I was told by tci I was borderline lift so before I booked in I thought I would get a consult in bros to get another opinion. I saw Dr Harwood and he says I need a lift otherwise my nipples would face down with just a implant and still sag. As my nipples are in line with my crease. So now I'm after a highly recommended Dr pref in qld but will look into nsw too who does both and how much it costed. I'm a deflated saggy b after breast feeding 2 kids and I'm 5'5 and weigh 52kg and only want a d cup. Please help.
  14. Hi I have sent u a fr as I'm in the same boat with tci and borderline too.
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