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    Surgery on 1st October 2014; BA 350cc natrelle 510, mini tt, muscle repair hernia repair & abdo lipo. Post op size ? Ps says maybe a D??
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    Vie Dr Mark McGovern
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    178cm high 62kg was a baby eaten b/c13.5 wide

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  1. Thanks Bianca! I see him on Tuesday and will ask him in the mean time I will continue to be a bit worried.
  2. Hi all! I'm just over 4 weeks post op and my breast are still hard and siting high. I was wondering how long it took before you could squish your boobs together or if people find that they are unable to achieve cleavage post implants? I always had a touching cleavage and I worried that I may not get it back
  3. Hi, my PS said by 4 week i can start to lift my toddler by locking my arms into my side, squatting down and using my biceps to lift. I am four weeks on Wednesday and feel ready to start that technique. Best to ask your PS but i would advise to recover once and do it well. Changing my toddler has also been dangerous as he kicks and my boobs are in the firing line. Start training your bub to climb in ant out of their car seat, high chair using a step and cot using an office chair. To avoid carrying my toddler i encourage him to go into his little tikes car and I push him around. It can be challenging when they are cranky and you will need help but it isn't as scary as I was expecting and I had more then just implants.
  4. Thanks again for everyone's replies. Once I have recourved from my surgery I plan to give your suggestions a hot go.
  5. I just asked my ps this one and he said that yes even though the swelling disappears with the settling of the implant you more inclined to notice that they appear bigger and I defiantly won't loose any size during the healing process.
  6. I'm day six post op today and going well. I have my first post op consult today at lunch and will hopefully get this drain out. I'm On one Panadol and one panadine forte every six hours and one endone before bed. One piece of advice is to buy a pick up tool from Bunnings (about $20) this thing is freckon gold and saves bending over and extending arms. Also start Movicol and benefiber asap after surgery and if that doesn't get you socks shaking by the third day, start agarol as well. I'm still taking movicol and benefiber. Overall the I expected to be in way more pain and discomfort and am so excited to see what I'm going to look like once the swelling goes down.
  7. Good luck guys! Boobs recouvery has been mainly pain free and comfortable for me, I think due to my surgeons technique and not happening to stretch my post breastfeeding boobies as the implants filled the void perfectly. I was honestly in more pain post my milk coming down with my first child. One piece of advice is to buy a pick up tool from Bunnings (about $20) this thing is freckon gold and saves bending over and extending arms. Also start Movicol and benefiber asap after surgery and if that doesn't get you socks shaking by the third day, start agarol as well.
  8. Ahh I get it now, thanks!! I wouldn't want my legs any musclier as they are cut like a small guys now so I guess they won't get any worse because I'm not planing on taking supplements. My knee is fine as long as I take my time to check for correct alignment and only exercise on flat surfaces. my legs are so big from working with physio's to build muscle up around my chipped knee cap in order to support it's alignment. All types of circuit training is out for me and I just tend to motivate myself and do my own thing. Can any post their butt work out routine with rep amounts and how often they do it per week?
  9. Do you find that legs will bulk also with lunges and squats?
  10. Do you have a particular workout that works ness01? And how often do you incorporate it into your routine? And can these exercises be done without making my very muscly thighs even bigger?
  11. What has worked for creating a tight bum? I have a tiny bum but it's starting to slip down my legs and I have a crease where it meets my legs that I didn't have before kids. I am skinner then I was before kids and don't really struggle with my weight. I go to the gym 5 times a week but can't run due to a crappy right knee. I would like to have a sexy bum again, any suggestions?
  12. A binder is another name for a compression garment. Its commonly worn after tummy tucks and lipo. I'm banned from all bras for 6 weeks so I'm stocked that I'm not constantly cracking stipples and nipples are behaving normally. I think 4 weeks from a desk job and 6 from a standing job was recommended for the few procedures that I have had at once. So glad I did it all at once as recovery is fine as long as you have time to rest.
  13. I was wondering this too. I think the size at the moment 3 days post op is perfect and I'm worried about them shrinking when swelling goes down or does the drop and fluff counteract the loss of swelling?
  14. Surgery ended up being for over 5hours it was only meant to be 3.5 but he found that I had a hernia to repair. I can't lift or do normal exercise for 6 weeks and also have to wear a binder and no bra during this time. I have to walk from day one and rest. I have one drain in until I drain under a certain amount per day. Every ps is so different in there techniques and post op instructions you really have to find one you trust and go with it.
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