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    Feb 14: Sub muscular BA (mentor silicone high profile 425cc)

    Feb 2016: Rhinoseptoplasty with Andrew Greensmith
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    BA, Dr Les Blackstock, 22-feb-2014; Rhinoseptoplasty, Dr Andrew Greensmith, 29-Feb-2016
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    Pre surgery: 165cms, 58.4kg, 10b Post Surgery: 10dd

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  1. Hey!! the result was amazing!!!!!! I can’t speak highly enough of Andrew Greensmith. That was the right amount. I did have private health insurance and this was what was left over after claims were made. at your consult, they will give you some codes to give your insurer to see how much you’ll get back. Hope this helps?
  2. This is normal. At six months, after the bruising and swelling has gone, you’ll be loving the results. Just remember how traumatised your body is at the moment, and give it time to recover.
  3. A gf of mine saw Lanzer and the results are really good. He did a great job and she got whole body including double chin for 10k. I was going to go in for secondary lipo (I had an awesome Lipo Job done in Sydney years prior) but I wasn’t keen after our joint consult. A few things to note: - your initial consult will be with his assistant. He made me so uncomfortable and was the reason I didn’t go ahead. No medical quals yet asked to see what areas I wanted to get worked on. I politely declined and stayed fully dressed. - you’ll be a day clinic which didn’t impress me. When I
  4. Hi guys. I had it done under twilight and I found it incredibly painful. I had a fair bit done though. I think it depends how much you get done. Good luck xx
  5. Im not completely sure about cool sculpting. Not sure if it's completely effective and have heard some negative reviews. Thanks though! Really appreciate it!
  6. Hi all, I'm looking for non surgical lipo or liposuction where I don't have to wear garments. I've tried a few options (non surgical) but none have worked. I'm willing to do lipo but don't want the garments. Thanks all
  7. Has anyone done bodyology? I'm interested in it and am looking for some feedback. Thanks everyone
  8. Day 2-3 I hit peak swelling but it's been smooth sailing since!! Puffiness has gone down but I'm still sore. I get my bandages off on Monday so I'm all excited
  9. Hi everyone, I'm one day post op from rhinoseptoplasty with Andrew Greensmith.he also did a fascial graft from behind my ear to build up my nose. I did heaps of research leading up to my decision to use him and I can say I'm feeling way better than expected. Op was 930 and I ate a full dinner by 5 in Cabrini. I was nowhere near this well for my BA. Will post pics as I go along the recovery path but I'm so impressed.
  10. I used juvederm and really liked it in my cheeks. I'm 32 and had 4ml. I've never heard of the princiss brand so I'd recommend to research it well. Juvederm is awesome.
  11. Ladies, I saw Andrew Greensmith today and was quoted 12,500 out of pocket. I agree it's super expensive but I feel incredibly comfortable. His knowledge was amazing too. I've attached some vectra images (old is on the left). I'm booked for 29 Feb! Eek!!
  12. Sure. All done. Vice versa. I'll update my pics as mine are almost two years old now. Best decision ever btw!!
  13. Hey!!! I went high profile and look (and feel) extremely natural. I think it depends how you've started. I used to have boobs then lost heaps of weight. So there's tissue there. What are you starting with? I've also seen how much boobs drop and I wouldn't recommend anything but high profile. Amy
  14. Hey naja, can I ask how you went with your rhino? I'm wanting to get rhino and my chin done but scared about using a bad doctor. thanks
  15. Hey all, just wondering if anyone has had their work done? I'm trying to choose a Thai surgeon for rhino also and was hoping for some post-op reviews thanks, amy
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