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    Having BA, want to be a 12C-D
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    Dr Poomee, 14th November 2014
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    10DD or 12D

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  1. Hi hun, the best way would be his email (i think it's on his website if you google him!) He is fantastic, i'm sooo glad i chose him to do my BA.
  2. So happy i'm 10DD or 12D!! Exactly what i wanted :)

  3. Jordierose

    Dr Preeyaphas

    Dr Poomee is amazing, he did my work and i couldn't be happier!
  4. Hi there, i'm sorry i wont be able to help so much with surgeons in Adelaide but i'm from Adelaide and i wasn't happy with any of the surgeons here to be honest (looking at their work and hearing bad stories). I went to Thailand in November 2014 and saw Dr Poomee who is 10x better then all of them in Adelaide. He was incredible! Definitely look around (outside of Adelaide) and make sure you are 100% happy with who you choose and trust them fully. Goodluck on your boobies adventure! x
  5. My surgery was amazing, i couldn't fault him if i tried! I'm so extremely happy and in love with my new boobies I had second thoughts a couple times before surgery but that was mostly due to my boyfriend not being so supportive but let me tell you HE LOVES THEM NOW! hahah Seriously probably the best decision i have ever made He was extremely informative and i didn't even have any questions for him after he went through everything. His wife is adorable and extremely helpful! Good luck babe x
  6. They are here in my gallery on my profile hun, you just need to accept my friend request to see
  7. Hi hun! I was with Dr Poomee in November and he is incredible! He didn't put a foot wrong and i wouldnt have picked anyone else to do my surgery! Glad you had a great experience also Happy recovery!
  8. Hey hun! mine just touch when i push them together! i can make them closer but i don't want to put too much pressure on them! I'm doing great now, the weird feeling in my right is going away slowely and they're dropping a little too! Not so high up top and torpedo looking soooo happy! You babe?!
  9. Oh wow that is just like me.. now i'm worried i might need surgery again my surgeon is overseas ahhh
  10. Yeah i guess so, like it's rubbing against something haha It just feels quite different and uncomfertable.. wasn't sure if this was normal or if it's something wrong with the implant itself
  11. Hi guys so i'm exactly 2 weeks post op today (350cc left 400c right unders) and going really well, my right is more tender than my left i think this is because it's 50cc bigger! Annyway, when doing my massages this morning i noticed in my right boob as i push the implants in together and then let go it feels like it's rubbing along my pectoralis minor muscle which is behind the implant. It's extremely hard to explain! sorry! haha But it's like running your nails down a chalk board!!! Has anyone had this or similar with one implant (which is bigger) healing slower or giving your more grief?? Thanks heaps!
  12. Phewwww feeling heaps better thanks Hun!!! X
  13. Here is a pic of them! Yeah I'll have to email him as I'm home from Thailand now. Hmmmm :/
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