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  1. Hi JustineJames, I personally went with Dr Richardson but I do have friends who are from regional QLD and travelled to Bundaberg to the PS there who I believe the guy's name is Dr James Gaffield. Alot of my friends were super happy with results..... Not sure though if he is on your "not to go to list"! I hope it works out for you.
  2. Hi mumof4... I noticed you also went to Phil... you happy with how it all went?
  3. Hi Aqua. Agree to maybe give Phil Richardson a go. I went to Dr H and he recommended I try Phil as I wanted to go larger than Kim's recommendations (although honestly not very not big at all) Anyway he said that Phil tends to get away with larger implants so I think you would have a pretty good shot with him. No complaints my end with him so might be worth getting a consult. Good luck.
  4. Heya again... Yes my PS basically asked what I wanted to achieve and he got me to try implants on. To be honest I went with the first implant size he gave me otherwise if I kept trying on different one I would just get too confused and then impossible to make my mind up. I really liked the size of the implants and they looked big when i tried them on. To be honest it is afterwards that the booby greed sets in and they don't feel as big as initial consult when you try the implant on with a crop top they give you. I went with it and am super happy......I actually went to my 6 week check up today and all is great. The scars are so small and all is good so I am stoked. I must admit I am a sook when it comes to pain / discomfort and I definitely don't think I would want to be opened up again anytime soon. I went with my surgeons recommendations and I am happy with the result.. But going from what my friend said after a c section that she had .... this is a walk in the park for you recovery wise!!
  5. Hi There, I have not seen him personally but I do know from some friends in Gladstone who travelled to have a BA with him in Bundaberg and they have nothing but fab things to say about him and results look great!. ... I think you will be in good hands and I have seen photos on his website which are amazing!. At one stage I was thinking to travel to him from BNE going on results I had seen but I am currently very happy with my choice of surgeon.... You must be very excited ! Personally I would just say go bigger than what you want! I got 375CC + 400CC , I sent you a friend request so you can see my photos. I was an empty 10A pre op and now a 12 DD / E.... but honestly they do not look that big!. I got Round, under muscle, Textured Velvet (Cereforme) and High Profile. I was in a lot of discomfort the first 7 days by the second week it started getting much better with still slight tenderness in some areas but the third week it was great and I could finally sleep on the side. I am now at 5 weeks and a lot of swelling has gone and they are finally taking shape!. Just remember everyone's recovery is different but I would suggest a good 7 days is needed to be extra careful as there is still a lot of tenderness.. ie still hard to lift hands above shoulders... My only advice is go bigger than what you think see what the PS recommends first though. I now i was thinking 350cc so I was stoked when he chose 375cc + 400cc as I didn't think they would fit me!.... good luck . This forum is great for support!
  6. Hey Bec sully, Welcome back and glad everything went well. I recently got mine (24th May) and love my new additions. I have similar to you high profile 400cc... I have sent FR request if ok? Are you still feeling tender and are you having any booby greed at all.. lol.
  7. Hey there Ally, I am 10 days post op. Pre op advice --- (just try and get sleep the last night before the op because the most uncomfortable thing is trying to sleep elevated on the darn pillows! Stock up on METAMUCIL and up the daily dose! Just remember the first 3 days post op are the hardest but after that things get better and better and better. Once you get past the 3rd day you will be so glad for your new boobies ... Iif you are anything like me I went from a 12A (still didnt fill the bra) to a 375cc LHS + 400cc RHS (D or DD CUP, HOPEFULLY ONCE I GET FITTED)... Someone has posted info on here with a page full on what to expect pre op, and post op and thought it was a really handy tool. as it will answer a lot of questions too. I will do a search for it again and let you know what I find. Just remember everyone recovers differently and the pain threshold is different also.... . add me as yr friend if you like so we can share our progress. i will post pics after 3 weeks post op. xoxo best of luck!
  8. Hey Forme. I am 7 days post op. Round High Profile . 375cc + 400cc . I will upload photos tonight. I saw my PS yesterday and he has now given me instructions on how to massage them so they can drop. They are still swollen and sitting quite high and am happy to share my photos with you. I sent you a friend request.
  9. Hey sorry my last post below was for u.... stil trying to get the hang of the site....
  10. hi there. Ill add some photos soon for u to have a look. I am happy with the size i just hope i will get cleavage later on as they are far apart atm. When is your surgery booked?
  11. Hey there. I think i am just a sook and the pain is more to do with the feeling the muscles are constantly stretching! I am happy with them except that they are so far apart. No cleavage so i hope that changes once they drop ..... i hope you are recovering well. When do u go back to work and how long do we have to keep sleeping elevated on pillows????
  12. well i am 4 days post op and still in pain! i was hoping the pain would subside by now but no luck as yet. i am s:)urprised with the size . i think they are great but definitely appear smaller than 400cc....i will post pics once swelling has reduced. can u please re assure me the pain will subside very soon ! xo.
  13. Well thanks to all who answered my questions over the past few months. Just thought I would give an update: I booked by surgery for the 24th May. I ended up going with Dr Phil Richardson. I too had a consult with Dr Harwood (who was great) and I did read so many great things about him. Unfortunately he just did not want to go bigger than 275cc nor a round implant as he was concerned i was at risk of a double bubble. He recommended I try Phil Richardson for a second opinion, which I did, and straight away he re- assured me that I could go as big as I wanted and round was fine. End result: Left boob - 375cc Right Boob 400cc round textured dual plane & I am no more at risk of double bubble then anyone else. Fingers crossed all goes well....... nervous now and the countdown is on!!!! If anyone has any stories to share about Phil Richardson it would be greatly appreciated. MWA XO I hope I made the right choice! --------
  14. Hiya, Thanks so much for replying. That definitely helps in my decision making!
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