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    Breast Augmentation in Bangkok July 2014. 300-350cc Round, textured Silicone Implants.
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    167cm tall, 54kgs, A cup

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  1. Any girls who have had their Breast Augmentation at Destination Beauty in Bangkok?
  2. Hey girls! My BA is end of June can't wait. Nervous and excited. Anyone who wants to friend request, feel free to do so
  3. Dee envy thanks for pointing that out. I came across a link that said $3900 and put me straight onto that website, I thought what a great deal that I must share. Read the FAQ and posted straight in here. Oops. He seems like a great doctor lots of experience and looks at surgery as an art. If anyone is in Sydney and is willing to pay $9990 for breast aug, I think he would be a good PS. Cheers Dee Envy x
  4. Thanks lil hilz and Libby checked out both your pics and you're boobies are beautiful!!! MzVon; I think HP will give you more projection than cleavage, but then I haven't had mine done yet nor am I an expert. When I went for a consultation last year (for my size, 10.5 diameter, 12A 10B, 54kgs, small frame) she recommended me ultra high profile implants and she said that they will give me more of an outward projection than a wider look as I'm quite narrow chested. Hope this made sense. x
  5. Dreamy, just checked out your pics, pretty sure your gonna have gorgeous results!
  6. Sorry, forgot to post second link lol, here it is http://destinationbeautybnh.com/courtneys-breast-implants-in-thailand-review/
  7. Hey girls, I'm doing more research as usual, came across a Sydney PS, his site is very informative and he seems meticulous. Check it out If you want ; Dr ***** ******** http://com2209-px.rtrk.com.au/ The second link is to Destination Beauty in Thailand. There's a few testimonies to read. At the moment I plan to have my surgery over there in Bangkok in July. I am still deciding though to maybe check out Dr. ******** as prices are not that much in difference, and he's in Australia. Bangkok D/Beauty Breast Aug ; Approx. $3500.00 Sydney Dr. ******** ; $3900.00 Cool, well I thought I would share. Hope this helps
  8. Still trying to find out the brand name lolBut here's some info in what ones i'm getting. Silicone Breast Implants are pre-filled with a silicone gel that is considered to have a consistency much closer to actual breast tissue than saline. The silicone gel inside the implant can come in a variety of consistencies, referred to as its cohesiveness, which determine how strongly the implant keeps its profile during normal movement or when touched. This difference in the cohesiveness of the gel inside is what people mean when they refer to things like “gummy bear implants,” which are implants with a very cohesive fill that exhibit a very minimal amount of movement. Generally, silicone implants are smoother and have a more natural look and feel, like a semi-solid gel and are less likely to wrinkle and ripple. That said, in some cases it can be difficult to detect a rupture in silicone implants. There can also be a slightly higher incidence of capsular contracture, or the abnormal response of the immune system to foreign materials, with silicone implants. It’s still a very minor chance overall, but you should be aware of this.
  9. I know me too can't wait~ !! yay april is not that far away!! will deffs check out your progress where are you getting your surgery done? in aust or overseas? I'm getting round silicone textured implants, trying to find out the brand name, the lady did email it to me. I'll let you know soon once i find it lol.
  10. Jess your results look really good! you must be stoked!! I see, you got 325 mod plus, how wide was your implant do you know? did you go over your bwd? when i went for a consultation, they said i could only get very high profile as my breast width was not wide enough for other implants :/ if i were to get mods, there would be not much projection and that they would only be 220cc. I'm very curious, because I would love a bit of side boob If I could help it lool
  11. I think that range will suit our body type. We will look amazing too bring on boobies ( . ) ( . )
  12. oh wow, how you feeling? thanks for the FR, will love to check out your pics! thank you xx
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