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  1. Just have to wait I guess.
  2. Hi went with Global protective sent them an email, they emailed the travel crowed I went with who emailed the doctor who did the procedudure who said it takes time to heal. So here I am no better off, go figure.
  3. Jazzyjaz


    Hi Deby I have just had FL and eyes 6 weeks ago in Thailand would love you to contact my email is julieholstein@bigpond.com. What do you think of your results. Are you still in recovery.
  4. Hi no this wasn't medical insurance here it was for the procedures in Thailand I got medical cover for over there up to $10,000 this covers any medical expenses incurred if there are complications when I return. This is over and above travel insurance.
  5. Yes surgeon was Narupon. Had a problem with my drain left hand side didn't work and had to go in for a second op next day been having trouble with random swelling and hard lumps ever since. Have asked and still waiting on a reply. Am on my second lot of antibiotics since I arrived home. I'm sure there is an explanation but still waiting to hear it.
  6. Yes my mate was much more expensive and mine was 2000 dollars cheaper so they can't confirm until they see you. At the end of the day the decision is ours.
  7. Any one in perth had a fl overseas?
  8. I had a FL in Thailand 5 weeks ago and have been having issues ever since. I have emailed PIAC a week ago and had no response. Went to see my local GP and she has advised I see a surgeon in Perth so now looking for a good one to do a follow up. Any one got any names of a good surgeon here in Perth. So glad I got medical insurance before I had my procedures.
  9. Hi guys does any one have the name of a good plastic surgeon in Perth WA. I had a FL in Thailand and am looking for a good surgeon in Perth for a follow up consult. Not sure how I go about it though, got medical insurance before I left for my FL and am glad I did. Have emailed PIAC with my questions but have had no response from them so thought I would see someone here. Any one got any advise.
  10. Hey Melsy I went through restored beauty and heard back after about a week. He is busy because he is good and in hindsight wish I had gone with him myself. ( I have had a few problems with my procedures. ) Told my friend about Dr Rushapol and she emailed PIAC direct he got back to her in a couple of days. If you haven't heard from him I would send another email to them, he is worth going to. I believe he is very good with BA also. My friend was ok after three days and would have been fine to have dental work done had she needed it, though having said that she didn't have Rhino. I tend to agree it would be much easier to get same Dr to do both BA and Rhino and I Know Dr Rushapol does.
  11. Hi Melsy if you go with Dr Rushapol you can't go wrong. my friend and I went over for same procedures diff doctors at PIAC she had Dr Rushapol and he did an amazing job on her. We both had eyes, neck and face, and she had brow also. Her recovery was amazing and can't see her scares. We are 4 weeks post op now, she is back at work and great but I am still getting there.
  12. Hey Mum2908 my daughter was up and about day after just taking it slowly, hurt a little to lift her arms for the first few days but that came good. Was muggy over there and rained every day but this didn't effect the healing or her recovery, she just kept away from bumpy rides for first few days, and didn't go swimming. All the best when you go, you are in good hands with that Dr.
  13. Thanx DreamBodBy, had complications with my surgery and had to go back in for another surgery next day so bound to take longer to heal. I'm almost 4 weeks post op now and starting to feel better. Went to my local for more antibiotics and making progress every day.
  14. Hi there, you should have no probs covering the cost with that amount. As I said my daughters was 3700 and she is delighted. She went 400cc one side and 425 the other to balance her. You won't be disappointed with this Dr he is amazing. She is bit over 3 weeks post op and feeling great. Her new boobies are settling in and she is so glad she went bigger than she was first going to because now the swelling is going down she thinks they are a perfect size. the cost of her surgery covered travel from hotel each consult, pick up and drop off to airport, all medication and hospital stay plus a bra to wear while she was over there. Dr Boonchai thought the body garment she bought from Aus was a bit tight till the swelling went down so he gave her one.
  15. Mu daughter paid $3800 for hers , it was a strait forward BA.
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