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    270cc xh profile, round silicone
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    The Cosmetic Institute, 21 March Dr Tang
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  1. Hi Liss083 From my experience, the first 5 days was the hardest! The first day after surgery I did struggle to do things on my own. I had no mobility at all. So flushing toilet, pulling pants up, opening a fridge was quite a task. My advice would be to premake meals, like stews & soups. I slow cooked food enough for a week. You will def need help getting out of bed, I suggest wake up the same time as your hubby & have a setup in the lounge with your meds, pillows, water with straws etc at reach. Just make sure you take it easy & listen to your body. If certain things is too much to do dont do it!
  2. Hi michellemoo, just sent you an FR i am 19 days post op and have 270cc xhp. I would love to see what 250 looks like, i will be posting more pics in the coming weeks. Just been tied down with uni!

  3. Hi Mollyjo, I have posted one pic, but will def post more. Just been busy with uni work. I hope the swelling goes down in 4 weeks, by looking at how they are now i dont think its going to completely go by 4 weeks might take longer for me Lucky you chiwee! i wished i only had a little bit of swelling left, it mainly the middle for me, boobies are settling though
  4. Hi Jjgirl, How many days post op are you? 1 week post op you can get into a comfortable sports soft bra, i would suggest that for comfort. Go to Kmart, big w or cotton on definitely pays to get a comfortable sports bra otherwise your back will pay for it! In terms with pain meds, i was given panadeine forte and endone. Have you only been perscribed panadol? if so go to your local gp and request for both endone & panadeine forte. You will need them so you are comfortable and not in constant pain!! Also keep in mind endone will block you up so make sure you get some prune juice to help with that.
  5. Hi ladies, I'm now nearly three weeks post op, swelling on my left has gone down considerably but on my right boob (dominant) slowly going down but is still quite swollen. I am also still swollen in the middle part where the cleavage is hidden, i know it will take 2-3 week for this to go down or maybe even more but doesnt seem like there is much improvement specially the middle where my cleavage is suppose to form? Is this normal? I can see that the right boob cleavage is coming in but the left one is still yet to show due to the swelling! If anyone else experiencing prolong swelling?
  6. Couldn't see your FR so I sent you one instead!

  7. Accepting FR now :)

  8. Hi southerngirl, i have just sent you an fr - i just had mine done 270 xhp two weeks post up just curious to how yours look :)

  9. Thanks for reply! I think im just going to try and be patience to see what happens, my right boob cleavage is coming in more than my left boob (which by the way smaller). I have been obsessing over them and the way they look as well as size but I have to remember its only been 2 week lol I will post more pics of what they look like without the sports bra. I just cant wait to see them improve!! specially for the swelling to go down so i can see more cleavage!!
  10. Hi MsVonTeese, Thanks for the post, I'm sure in time you will feel much better. I'm 14 days today & feeling good. I do have a bit of boob greed! The only thing I'm concern with is my left boob being smaller than my right? But I see u mentioned about the fluffing? Does this mean it has fluffed on my right already? Just doesn't look even to me! I will call today to see what the clinic say. I didn't know about morning boob was wondering what that incomfortable feeling is, should really come on this site more often! Just been so busy with coping with Uni & trying to recover. I hope recovery will start to look up for you
  11. Thank you ladies, sorry for the late reply wasnt feeling too chappy yesterday! (probably from the 4 hour drive the day before) I cannot wait for these babies to soften up! They are still quite hard but i have to be patience! I will post up some pics hopefully today of progress and thanks for FR ladies
  12. Thank you Bee & chichi, It's now day 3 & pain is manageable. The tightness feeling is really uncomfortable!! Plus my left boobie seems to be the most in pain & hard The swelling has not gone down yet, how long until the swelling goes down & for boobies to soften up?? That is what's bothering me the most apart from that I'm doing good Been taking my juices, nutritional food & medication.
  13. Just thought id give an update of my post up experience with TCI for those ladies who are booked in. I had surgery booked in for 21 March Friday 7 am. Arrived at the institute on time & was taken in straight away. I was taken into a room where the nurse checked me & Dr Tang came in to do final measurements. I then went to the theatre room & was out before I knew it. I'm very impressed with the way everything was handled specially the helpful staff & Dr Tang. I was scared but was put at ease with assurance everything was going to be ok. Got out of surgery 9:30 am, didn't feel any pain except for tightness. I was feeling ok all day. As soon as mid night hit I started to feel the pain was around 8 out of 10 kinda pain. The next day was surprisingly not to bad, with medication I could manage the pain down to 5 but as soon as the pain killers wore off it would be around 7/10 pain. So make sure keeping on top of medication is a priority. It is now the afternoon & although I'm feeling extreme tightness the pain is manageable! TCI called me this afternoon aswell to make sure I was ok. Overall I'm extremely happy with TCI they really do look after their patients! Most of all I'm very happy with Dr Tang"s work could not recommend him enough & the whole team!
  14. Hi _chichi, Just wondering about the vitamins, I was told to stop taking them x1 week prior to surgery and 2 weeks after surgery as it thins your blood. What brand of vitamins are you using? Have you checked that is ok to start taking? I want to be prepared also and was thinking about buying some vitamins.
  15. I'm with tci aswell & 270cc xh profile I wonder if il end up a D I'm happy with C but went with my max
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